Is the Stay at Home Parent Still Possible? (Guest Post)

It is very common in families today for both parents to be
working. Years ago, one parent would normally be at home to look
after the children. However, there came a time when women wanted to
be able to work as well and now it has become more normal for
two parents to be working
. In fact if you want to be a family
with one parent at home it is now increasingly difficult to do so.

The cost of living is so much higher, that it is often necessary
for there to be two incomes in the household. Prices have gone up a
lot and in some cases incomes have also gone down and so one income
is not always enough to cover the bills. Although the cost of
childcare will have to be met, once children are at school, it is
usually possible for these costs to be easily met by part of one

There is now an expectation that women have to work. Most people
do not expect women to stay at home and look after the family, but
they feel that they should be out working. The woman can feel under
pressure to get a job and go out to work.

Partly due to the pressure on women to work, they may not feel
good if they do not have a job. They may feel that they have any
self-worth because they are only looking after their family and not
contributing to society in an additional way.

People seem to need more things these days. They want all the
latest technology, lots of holidays, toys for their children, lots of
clothing and so on. This need for more and more things means that it
is necessary for the extra money to be earned to pay for it all.

Since more women started working there have been fewer jobs to go
around as there were more people in the workforce. This means that
salaries have not been able to rise so highly and working hours are
not so long. Therefore to keep a decent household income, both
parents are forced to work.

It is possible for a family to manage on just one income. However,
they would not be able to live the same lifestyle without having
to turn to things like for help
. They would
have to go without things, such as holidays and lots of gifts and may
not be able to go out to visit places as often or buy the latest
phones and tablets. However, they may feel that it is far more
valuable for the children to be with a parent more often.

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