#JOCKEYbra Get Your Perfect Fit With The New Jockey Fit Kit

 With me, it seems that when I get bras, they do not ever fit just right. Especially after having Wyatt, then breastfeeding and loosing the weight I have lost, I have no idea on what bra size I should go with. I have gone and tried on bras, but I end up guessing and just going with what I think might work best. It really makes the whole bra shopping experience for me one that I rather avoid unless I absolutely need a new bra. Well, recently I found that bra shopping does not have to be a issue or something that I have to avoid, I found that it can be something that I can actually enjoy and get a comfortable fit as well as the end result. To start me off on my new bra shopping experience, I was sent a really neat Fit Kit from Jockey. Honestly, this kit really exceeded my expectations. I mean, when it came in, it came in a very nice mesh like bag with several breast forms inside. Then there was also a measuring tape and a fit guide as well. Now when I say several forms, I mean several. Which is great, because we all know, that we are not all A B C and D, we are all different sizes, and I love that the people from Jockey understand that. I also love that they make the whole bra fitting a more personable one, instead of one you might go and do in a lingerie store in front of someone. I also find that the fitting is a more accurate one that ones I have had done in the past, which I feel more confident about when I go on to make a purchase from the Jockey store. Once I had my measurements, I was then able to easily go on the Jockey website and find the bra I wanted, place my order then sit back and now wait for it to arrive. I love that now that I have my Fit Kit, with me continuing to loose the weight, I can go back in a few months and measure again to reorder so that I can make sure that I get the perfect fitting bra! So if you are like me, and you would love to have a bra that really fits you, and that you can be comfortable wearing knowing that it is made for your fit, then head on over to the Jockey website today and get your Jockey Fit Kit!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

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