How to Teach your Kid Etiquette Using your Phone (Guest Post)

Raising children can be a difficult juggling act. On the one hand, you want them to have opportunities you may not have had, so you sign them up for sports teams, dance squads and voice lessons. Attending all of these events takes time and often robs you of time at home to teach your children manners, rules and etiquette. Well, technology comes to the rescue with apps designed to help children learn the proper way to comport themselves while thinking they’re playing a game.

A Quest for Good Manners

This cute little animated app teaches good manners through a rude princess named Rosalind. She and her rude pet dragon, Sparkler, are banished from the castle by the queen. They’re not allowed to return until they find good manners. This app reinforces learning good manners using true and false facts and an entertaining storyline.

Good Manners for Kids

This app has a broad variety of manners it teaches: sharing, not interrupting, table manners, etc. It puts Johnny, the app character, into different social situations and allows the child to guess how he should behave in the correct manner. They’re given options to choose from to see if they can select the correct behavior.

Nice Bear, Naughty Bear

A retired teacher from Oxford developed this app after getting on a bus and noticing none of the younger riders offer their seat to an older lady. She developed 16 bear characters that each teach an individual manner using their own unique rhyme.

Based on old-fashioned parenting methods, the children who choose poor behavior choices receive a groan from “naughty bear”. If they make the correct choice, they receive a cheer. It’s designed to make children more socially responsible.

Book of Manners: Story Time for Kids Interactive Book

Kids learn good manners in an interactive way. Not just “please” and “thank you,” but this app demonstrates how to show consideration and kindness, and how to tell the difference between good and bad manners. As an interactive book, this app makes use of text highlighting, beautifully colored illustrations and an optional audio that meshes with animation specially designed for children. To fully enjoy apps like this, be sure you have a device that makes the most of animated apps, like the new 4G LTE BlackBerry z10.

The Etiquette App

This app allows you to browse through a catalog of etiquette tips and tricks. This is a great reference app that will remind you of what is socially correct, while at the same time giving you fun ways to remind your children of what is “proper” and what isn’t.

Maddie and Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners & Values

With the aid of two cartoon characters, Maddie and Matt, this app teaches your children courtesy, respect, gratitude, and how to be polite. Using specific social situations, Maddie and Matt demonstrate good manners and values along with importance of social graces.

Now you can teach your children some of the important facets of life no matter where you are. Finally, apps that help children have fun, while learning how to act properly in social situations. 

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  1. Sherry Compton
    July 30, 2013 / 9:27 pm

    When I first read the title, I was thinking about phone etiquette. Haha not apps for your phone. Good app choices and a great way for kids to learn some about etiquette. Kids love apps and electronics and this is a good way to combine that with manners… just make sure they apply those manners to everyday life not just electronics.

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