Ten Reasons to Choose Above Ground Pools for Your Family (Guest Post)

As the dog days of summer approach, there is nothing more comforting and refreshing than having access to a pool you and your family can enjoy anytime. There are many options when it comes to choosing a pool for your home. You can opt for an inflatable pool or a baby pool for the kids that you can only dip your toes in. The other extreme is an in-ground pool complete with a beautiful deck area and all the amenities you can dream up. A more affordable happy medium is an above ground pool. Here are ten reasons to choose an above ground pool for your family:

1. Less Expensive

If you are going for sheer cost-effectiveness, an above ground pool is the clear winner. The average cost of an in-ground pool is approximately $11,000 to $17,000, and that doesn’t even include accessories. When you factor in annual maintenance costs, you’re looking at around $20,000. A basic above ground pool can easily cost under $500 with a complete above ground setup with all the amenities and extras coming in around $4,500.

2. Fewer Maintenance Requirements

To be honest, an above ground pool does have certain maintenance requirements that are necessary to keep your water crystal clear and sanitary for swimming. However, the maintenance requirements aren’t as extensive as what you would go through for an in-ground pool. You can usually use chlorine tablets and shock treatments to keep your pool clean, along with a skimmer to catch leaves and other debris.

3. Easier Installation

An above ground pool is easier to install than an in-ground pool, especially when you factor in the cost of labor and consider the time involved to properly install an in-ground pool. An above ground pool, on the other hand, can be properly installed in a fraction of the time. You’ll still have to check the irrigation around where your pool is going to be located, but you don’t have to worry about digging and laying concrete though.

4. More Flexibility with Location

Above ground pools come in various shapes and sizes, which makes it easier to find a spot in your yard to place your pool. The ground still has to be level, which usually requires professional assistance. Sand is usually used as a base before the pool is actually placed in its location. However, an above ground pool does not require any space for a deck or extensive area around the pool. All you really need around an above ground pool is some landscaping stones, plants, or other small decorative features.

5. Easier to Replace Parts

While an above ground pool is fairly low-maintenance, parts do need to be replaced now and then. Skimmer baskets, filter cartridges, hoses and fittings are among the most common replacement parts for an above ground pool. “Most of the replacement parts you need can be easily purchased from the place where you purchased your pool,” says Bob Quigly a contributor for Backyard Ocean; click here to see what BackYard Ocean has to offer your family. If you opt for a pool from a trusted manufacturer or retailer, you are likely to have an easier time getting the right parts.

6. Flexibility with Steps and Ladders

Your above ground pool is going to need steps or a ladder for access. Above ground pool ladders and steps are usually made from sturdy, waterproof resin to prevent rusting. With an in-ground pool, you are stuck with where your steps and located. With an above ground pool, you can easily slide portable steps and ladders to your desired location. Steps and ladders usually have to be weighted down. To accomplish this task, most models are designed with a compartment that holds sand, gravel, or water to provide some added weight to keep everything in place.

7. Easy Off-season Preparation

Off-season maintenance for an above ground pool includes draining the pool if you live in an area with a significant winter. This process can usually be done by the pool company where you purchased your pool from in the first place. Once your pool is drained, you just need to check to see that the liner is still in good condition and cover the pool for the rest of the off-season to keep debris out.

8. Durable Material Choices

An above ground pool is usually a combination of steel and resin, a durable plastic. All of the materials normally used for an above ground pool are especially durable. You get the same firmness that you get from an in-ground pool, so safety isn’t a concern. Even above ground pools made of resin usually have some steel parts to provide added support.

9. More Style and Color Selections

Above ground pools come in a variety of colors and styles to match your exterior decor or personal preferences. Textures can vary from plain steel to faux wood. Some above ground pools can be enhanced with color-changing or underwater lighting. You have a choice of different patterns and even a combination of colors when it comes to the finish.

10. Economical and High-end Models

If you aren’t all about saving money, there are plenty of high-end above ground pools that will add a touch of class and style to your outdoor space. Economical models take up less space, but you still get a decent area to swim and enjoy the benefits of having a pool. If price isn’t a priority, there are high-end models that can include a fence and a deck.

Author Bio:

Bob Quigly is a landscaping and family fun enthusiast who contributes to many blogs on the best placed to above ground pool pumps for swimming pool covers. Find above ground pool pumps at BackYardOcean.com a personal company here for your family.


  1. Sherry Compton
    July 29, 2013 / 7:44 pm

    It's really important to think long and hard before getting a pool – inground or above ground. They are a lot of work, time, and money. My husband and I put in an inground years and years ago. We love it but didn't realize all the maintenance involved plus the expense. Ingrounds are different from above. Talk to people that have them and research before deciding on either. They are lots of fun but lots of trouble, too.Sherry Comptonsavewish@yahoo.com

  2. Sandy VanHoey
    July 30, 2013 / 6:57 am

    My sister now has an above ground pool and she does like it much more than the in ground she use to have. Definitely less expensive and lower maintenance.

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