#ad The Cost Of Home Repairs: Can You Cover Them? + Infographic

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It is the American Dream to be a home owner, but knowing that with that home comes the maintenance and costly repairs does not always go hand in hand with the reality of that dream. For me, we live in a older home, one that is well maintained, but one that has things that come up. I mean, we have had our share of plumbing issues, and little things that we have found here and there that are in need of repair, but having the money to hire that plumber or repair guy can really put a dent on things. After looking at the above infographic, I realize that we are not the only ones who are in that boat of not having the extra money on hand to pay for those repairs. For us, I am thankful that my husband is my own on hand handy man. In the houses we have lived in, my husband has been able to fix just about anything himself, aside from some major electrical issues we had in a previous house and AC repair. I am thankful, that we have not had to go out and find that plumber, but I also know that it is our responsibility to keep up with any repairs, and making sure we have that money put aside for those repairs that my superman can not fix, is something that we will be working on. One of the things that we do rely on when it comes to repairs is the internet. I mean, we go online and search for those DIY fixes before anything else. So if you have some repairs and need to get them fixed before they get out of hand and you do not have the money on hand, check and see if it is something you can do or that you feel confident you can do after researching it, and also check out the site on DIY on the link below the infographic above!

This is a sponsored post, I was paid for this post. All opinions are my own. Thank you to the PR company for sponsoring this post. 

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