Child Passenger Safety Week Infographics From Maxi-Cosi

With the kids back in school and the rush to get everyone to class and work on time, I find that making sure my kids are secured in their seats properly to be very important. Robert is 5, and sure he is a big 5 year old, but all the same, Robert is always secured in his booster seat when we are in the car. I know that when people are in school zones, they tend to drive a little slower and are more cautious, but on the way to school, I see plenty of people who are in too much of a rush to pay attention, and that is when accidents happen. That is why, I take securing my children properly in safety seats, to be the only way to go. With this week being Child Passenger Safety Week, the wonderful people from Maxi-Cosi would like to share some infographics on the with myself and my readers on Booster Seat Safety Statistics.

Most parents know that it’s safer for older children to ride in boosters—in fact 4-5 year olds using booster seats have a 67% reduction in fatality risk vs. other 4-5 year olds riding unrestrained. What some parents may not know is what booster seat laws apply to them, as they vary by state and can be pretty confusing. For example, in some states all children under 8 years old must be restrained in a booster, and other states only require children to 4 years old to use one. Although the AAP recommends that children ride in booster until the age of 12 or 57’, only 13% of children 54-56” do.
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