Flip Hybrid Diaper System (Surprise Online Baby Shower)

Product Received

When it comes to babies, there is one word that I know that most may find to be a dirty one, literally, the word is diaper. Now, even though diapers are a dirty thing, the fact of the matter is that baby needs them. There are many options available to parents when it comes to those dreaded diapers, so as a mom myself I do like to explore all of my options as well as share them with others. Recently I was sent the Flip Hybrid Diaper System to review. This system came in perfect timing too. See, I have a friend, who recently found out that she was pregnant, in fact, she found out that she was 8 months pregnant and due at the end of next month. So instead of all of that preparing for baby and taking her time to ooh and ah over all of the adorable products that are on the market, she has to jump right in head first. That is where having me comes in handy. See I know about a lot of products out there that moms need when preparing for baby, and one thing that I know every mom needs is diapers, whether they go with the disposable ones or with cloth diapers. When the Flip Hybrid Diaper System came in, I knew right away that I wanted to first check this amazing diaper system out, then second, report to her so that she could prepare for the diapering route she will be taking.

With the Flip diapers, I and any mom who has considered cloth diapers, can really appreciate having both the cloth inserts as well as the disposable inserts. The cloth ones are great for when you are at home with baby, then with the disposable inserts, they are perfect for putting in the diaper bag when you are out.

I also like that I can use the one size products for Wyatt or my friend can use them for her newborn since they are made to fit babies from 8-35 pounds and the inserts have different levels for adjusting so that they adjust to baby as they grow! I also love that even when baby is sleeping, the inserts, both the disposable and cloth ones, are soft against babies skin and they are very absorbent. Then once baby has used a cloth insert, I can put it in the wash in a short, pre-wash cold cycle put in the dryer on a tumble dry, then use it again when needed! In all, I found why they call the Flip Hybrid Diaper System a Hybrid system, and I love how they are versatile and how they adjust to fit baby as baby grows! So if you or someone you know are looking for a great cloth diapering system, then check out the Flip Hybrid Diapers!

I received the free product as part of a promotional program with Flip™ and MomSelect. All opinions are my own.

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