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In my life, there have been many times where I have been absolutely broke, and struggled to make ends meet. Like when I was first on my own, working 2 jobs, going to school, and struggling to make the simplest of payments made. My weakness was one of my jobs, the one where I worked in a clothing store. I came across the job while I was shopping there one day. I had been in there many times and had been talking to the manager, when she offered me a job there. I was elated, I mean, I was going to work in one of my favorite clothing stores, and I would get a discount being an employee there. See at that time, I did not have kids, or any real obligations other than a car payment, phone bill, some credit card payments and sharing the responsibility of household bills with my cousins whom I shared a house with, so I thought, extra spending money. Boy was I wrong, I was a shopaholic, and this particular store was one of my weaknesses. I mean, my cousins and I would shop there on a regular occasion, I usually shopped the clearance rack, but I still found some of the cutest and trendiest clothes there nonetheless. I was working as a waitress and hostess at a local BBQ restaurant at the time, so when I had some extra tips, instead of saying, hmm maybe I should save the extra money, I went out shopping. I would even end up spending money that was meant for bills so that I could buy that oh so cute purse or pair of shoes that I just had to have right then and there. Also the same time I learned about limitations on my credit cards. Well, when I first started working at this clothing store, I found out that those outfits that are must haves for the season, were in boxes in the back, and as a employee there, we were encouraged to buy the clothes and wear them, so that customers would want them. And the clothes in the back, well we had first dibs before they went on the racks. So my thinking was, I will be a trend setter, and I have a discount since I am a employee, oh and even better, I can charge it to my employee account. After realizing that when I got paid, there was money owed instead of a paycheck, I had to rethink things. I mean, not only did I not make any money for all of the hours I had put in, but now I was owing the store for all of those clothes and accessories I just had to have, and I was beyond broke, I was now in debt. I worked off the remainder of what I owed, got a very small paycheck, and found that I could never work at a clothing store. Lesson learned!! That is why I tune in to watch the show 2 Broke Girls on CBS. It really reminds me of what it was like to be young, and have no clue on how to make ends meet, but finding ways to make it happen, all while learning important lessons. The two roommates, who started out as complete opposite strangers then become best friends, reminds me of myself and my cousin who I was roommates with. She and I were complete opposites, but we had become the best of friends after realizing we were not so different. Well the show airs at a new time on Monday nights, and on the coming episode, “And The Cronuts”, the friends find themselves in a predicament, where there is a product stealing their business, so in order to continue they come up with their own trend! So tune in Monday nights on CBS at 8:30/7:30 c to watch 2 Broke Girls and from now until then, join in on the conversation on Twitter using the Hashtag #2brokegirls

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