#ad Baking With Betty Crocker: Babies First Smash Cake For The Big First Birthday!

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Babies first birthday is a big deal for many parents. For me, I know that Wyatt may not remember his first birthday, but I will, and I will capture many pictures from that big day to look back on with Wyatt when he gets older. We recently celebrated Wyatt’s first birthday, and like many parents, I planned everything out ahead of time. From the decorations, to the foods and then the cake. Now with older kids, getting that themed cake that they love with their favorite characters on it might be ideal, but I learned that for a baby who is turning 1, having a cake that is all theirs to do with as they please is the way to go. I decided to research the different cakes I could go with, and since we were doing a Sock Monkey theme this year, I decided to make sock monkey cupcakes for Wyatt and his guests! I noticed that with the infographic above, using treats that baby enjoys to top babies first cake with is ideal and makes the whole party that much more fun and memorable!

I looked over the different Smash Cake recipes and ideas from Betty Crocker and got the idea to add Nilla Wafers to the top for the monkey face after looking over many sock monkey cupcake ideas online. I used the Betty Crocker Super Moist Yellow Cake Mix for the cupcakes, then the Betty Crocker Whipped Milk Chocolate Frosting to top them with. I had my kids assist with the entire process so that they could help make Wyatt’s first birthday extra special! Once the cupcakes were done, we frosted them then added the wafers to the tops, and added the eyes, noses and mouths with the Better Crocker Decorating Gels.

On the Betty Crocker website, I came across many great ideas for babies first birthday Smash cakes and the one that really stood out for me was the First Birthday Lion Cake. Wyatt loves his Cherrios, and when I saw that they decorated this cake using Cherrios, I thought that this would have been a choice for us had we not gone with a sock monkey theme this year! There were so many great ideas on the Betty Crocker website, and along with the chart above, if you are planning babies first birthday, you are sure to find that perfect, fun Smash cake that baby is sure to enjoy!!

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