#ad Divorce After Divorce In The U.S.

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Divorce, it can be a subject that we do not like, one we prefer not to talk about, but it is a subject that is out there and effects more people than I had imagined. Now, when it comes to divorce, there are many reasons why they come about. You realize that neither party is happy, there is nothing in common, or that spark that was once there is long gone. I am sure the list goes on when it comes to why people get divorced, but knowing the statistics as shown above, for the U.S., I find it to be somewhat disturbing. When I was a kid, I was raised by my mom and dad in the same house. My parents have a marriage that is strong, one that I have always looked up to, but I know that not everything can be that peachy. When I had my daughter, I wanted the family, I wanted things to work with her dad, and when they did not I felt like I had failed her in someway. I realized that the situation was not a healthy one for any of us involved, and that the fighting and hatred towards one another was going to eventually effect my daughter. So, we separated and went out own ways, but we still had to deal with one another for our daughters sake. For my daughters dad and myself, we both realized that the only reason we were together was because of our daughter, not for love and happiness. We were young, and we did not know one another well enough, nor did we care to be in one anothers company for any extended periods of time. I found, as well as her dad, that we could find happiness after we had separated. Divorce is one thing, but when there are children involved, the subject is a harder one. Luckily for me, my daughter was just a baby, and she has grown up knowing 2 homes, 2 families and that being a normal way of life for her. I know that acceptance from the children when it comes to divorce, can be very hard for them to understand and grasp, so seeing the infographic above and knowing the rate among couples with children is lower, is something that I can understand. Although we go our own ways for different reasons, I find the divorce rates in the U.S. to be shocking, and seeing the rates increase as there are more marriages, leaves one to wonder. In any case, when you or someone you know is faced with divorce, remember that there are 2 sides to the situation and when kids are involved there is even more to consider.

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