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With the holiday season upon us, I find that aside from the feasts that we will consume, fighting the urge to devour all of those sweets and treats from Halloween and all of the seasonal baking to be a challenge. Now if you have been following me, you are aware that I have been on a mission to loose quite a bit of weight. With kids, stress and a husband with a horrible sweet tooth, the mission is more of a challenge. I mean, I am constantly faced with temptation, and with all of the seasonal baking that I enjoy doing this time of year, fighting off the temptation of wanting to sample everything, is very hard. I look forward to the baking, and the sweets, and so does the rest of my house and friends. So, even though I am continuing the calorie count, I know that I will have and will be more days where I  might go over. Well recently I was sent a product that can help me during this holiday season, so that I do not completely ruin my diet and throw all of that hard work out the door. I was sent some Calorease to review. With Calorease, I can take 2 tablets, three times a day, during these high fat intake days, and on those days when I go over by say, 500 calories, I can take the Calorease and not have to beat myself up over the calorie overload for the day. I know that we are not quite to the holiday season, but with all of the pumpkins and dessert items that are out, that I love baking, I found that taking the Calorease during this time to be quite beneficial. With Calorease, it is recommended that you take it everyday for 2-3 weeks in order to see the benefits. I was able to take the Calorease, and without going overboard on my daily calorie count, I saw that I was still able to see my steady 1-3 pounds a week weight loss. Now for me, I have been on a diet for the past few months, and my average on weight loss has remained 1-3 pounds. So when I have consumed a little more in calories than I have in previous weeks, then take the Calorease daily, I was able to see those numbers continue. Calorease is not a product that you take so that you can splurge and overeat with, in fact, I was only allowing myself to eat that piece of pie or a couple of cookies that I baked, which would add the extra calories to my count. In order to see a healthy weight loss with the Calorease, it is suggested that you stick to a nutritious fat-containing diet while taking the Calorease. This is because in order for the Calorease to work, it has to bind to fat that is consumed. It is meant to help give your diet that extra boost, and for me, it has helped, even on those days that I went a little over. Another plus is, Calorease is suitable for Vegans and those who are on a gluten free diet, because it doe not contain and gluten, egg, lactose, sugar, salt, soy, dairy or any artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives, and is naturally sourced from grain. I can also appreciate that there are no stimulates making it heart-healthy! Also, Calorease is very affordable, at $29.99 for a pack of 90 tablets, the excuses are not there! So if you are looking to boost your diet, and you want to do it with a safe product, then head out to your local GNC or go online and order Calorease today! Also be sure to follow Calorease on Facebook!

I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC. or the manufacturer of the product. 
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