Products For Moms And Girls This Fall From Aubrey Organics, Bodycology And Goody

Product Received

I know that when it comes to hair products and items like lotions and fragrances, I tend to buy double the amount so that Estrella can use them as well. With Estrella getting older, we find that we share more and more of the same items. Like when I go to get hair products, if I do not buy those extra hair ties or headbands, we will run out a lot sooner, same goes with hairspray and lotions. So when we were sent a box filled with some great products from Goody, Bodycology and Aubrey Organics for review, I knew that Estrella and I would enjoy the products. Estrella is one who has very curly and hard to manage hair. We have battled with her hair since she was a toddler, and now that she is getting older, she wants the looks that her friends have. To get those looks, it takes time, but when we use brushes like the ones we were sent from Goody, and hair accessories as well, we can achieve those looks. With the thick curly hair, drying it to get it ready for styling can take time, so when we saw the Goody QuikStyle Brush, Estrella right away took claim on it, along with the Tanglefix brush. She has found both of these brushes to really come in handy when it comes to styling her hair before school in the mornings, not only does the QuikStyle Brush cut the drying time way down, but when she uses the Tanglefix Brush, she also cuts down the pain she gets from brushing her thick curly hair! Then to get those styles, she found the Ouchless Headbands to be just what she needed!

When it came to the Aubrey Organics that were in the package we found the all natural Unscented Sunscreen Spray to be perfect for when we have outdoor practice or for those weekend games! For myself, I found the Aubrey Revitalizing Therapy Serum to add that needed moisture my skin was lacking, which in hand, left my skin feeling a lot softer and improved my skins texture!

Then with the products from Bodycology, I found the body cream to not only smell amazing, but I loved how my skin felt after applying it. And with the Fragrance Mist, Estrella was able to get a light, and refreshing scent to wear to school. We both enjoyed all of the items we were sent, and if you are looking for some great beauty items for yourself and your daughters, then check out what is new this Fall from Goody, Aubrey Organics and Bodycology!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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