What Are Clairvoyant Readings All About? (Guest Post)

you’re considering having a clairvoyant reading it could be for any
one of a number of reasons. Perhaps you have some worries about your
future and want to seek a spiritual perspective on things, maybe you
have lost a loved one and want to try and reconnect with them, or it
could just be that you are curious and want to see what a clairvoyant
will say about you. Some people visit clairvoyants for a laugh and
with friends, others go for more personal and serious reasons.

are people who are able to use senses other than the main five to
‘read’ a person, place, object or even an event, and gain more
information about it. Clairvoyants use their extra sensory perception
to do this, which is something innate in many of us but which
clairvoyants have spent time honing, improving and perfecting. Unlike
a medium, a clairvoyant may not be soley concerned with contacting
the spirit world, if at all, and so if this is your prime reason for
looking into clairvoyant
a medium reading might be more suited to your needs. However, many
psychics, clairvoyants and mediums offer a range of services and have
several skills and abilities, so it’s simply a case of finding out
what they can offer you.

you have found a psychic or clairvoyant, talking to them about what
you need and hope to get out of the experince should be the very
first step in the process. Any good and reputable clairvoyant should
not give you cast iron guarantees about what they can do for you, but
should explain the process clearly so that you know what to expect.
Giving a satisfying reading will depend on many different factors,
and sometimes it can take some time for the clairvoyant to access the
information they need in order to give you feedback. Having a list of
questions or topics in mind or even written down when you go to see
chosen clairvoyant

can often be very helpful to the process

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  1. Denise Taylor-Dennis
    October 14, 2013 / 12:16 pm

    As a Christian I choose to stay away from these types of things. I just look to God for any worries about the future.

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