#ad Get Your Shine On With The Misfit Shine Activity Monitor From Best Buy (Holiday Guide)

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It seems that with the busy lives we live, we tend to forget about things that are important, like our health. It can get overlooked and put off, but it does not have to be that way. In fact, there are ways to get and stay healthy, as well as track your progress. In todays world, we like to be trendy and fashionable, and one thing that can really put a damper in a outfit that you put a lot of thought into is wearing a heart monitor or pedometer. Sure those devices can be helpful, but there are other ways to monitor and keep track of your day to day activities and also be trendy. Recently I was sent such device, one that can be worn and that is not tacky. I was sent the Misfit Shine Activity Monitor to review from Best Buy.

The Shine Monitor is a very nice and elegant device that will help empower you to be more proactive about your own health. As a parent, I have a responsibility, not only to be a parent to my kids and a partner to my husband, but to take care of my health for my family. With the Shine I can track my activities, from the steps I take to the calories I burn. I can even track my sleep patterns. I like that when I am out, like playing tennis or engaging in any other kind of activity, I can track my progress, all while wearing the gorgeous Shine! The Shine Activity Monitor is waterproof, and you can get other accessories for it like the included magnetic clip, the different stylist leather bands, the sports band and necklace. When my Shine Activity Monitor first arrived, I must say that the packaging alone was very impressive. With the step by step instructions on how to put together then set up your Shine, I found it was easy to get started.

Once it was put together, I was able to set up the Shine App, and sync my Shine to the App that I downloaded so I could then set goals and start tracking my activity! I can tag my activities and really see what I need to improve on and also see how well I am doing in reaching my daily goals. I also like that I can track for up to 30 days, which allows me to really get a understanding of my day to day activities and see the improvements that I can make as I go along! Aside from the app and the great monitoring the Shine gives me, I also like the halo of LED lights, which makes this more than a health monitor, it makes it a elegant piece of jewelry! So this holiday season, while you are out shopping, get yourself and everyone on your list a Misfit Shine Activity Monitor at Best Buy, where you can get the Shine in a variety of colors including black, silver, champagne and topaz!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.
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