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Over the years, I have come across products that can help moms and babies rest easier and also prevent certain things that can ail a sleeping baby. I think one of the biggest fears that parents have, along with one of the biggest silent killers of a baby is SIDS. So as a parent, I like to seek out items that can be helpful and that can also help prevent this silent killer. Aside from the sleeping gowns that can replace the blankets in your babies bed, and the bumper less bedding sets, there is also another issue that is common, that is caused by the effect of assuring baby sleeps on their backs. The issue is flat head syndrome, and this can be caused in the first 3 months. One of the things that I as a parent noticed, was the fact that when baby is sleeping on their back, they do not have anything to protect their heads from getting flat. Now some may think that letting baby sleep on their stomach will prevent the flat head issue, but there in lies the dilemma, of allowing baby to sleep on their stomach and increasing the risk for SIDS. More Drs have noticed the increase in flat head syndrome in infants due to the fact that it is highly recommended to have baby sleep on their backs. Well, there in lies a issue, what can be done to not only assure baby is sleeping on their backs at night, but also that as a parent, how we can avoid flat head syndrome? Well, recently I was sent a product that offers a solution, one that will not only have baby sleeping more soundly, but also keep baby from developing flat head syndrome. I was sent the Lifenest from Ubimed to review.

With the Lifenest, parents can put baby, “back to sleep”. There is a netting system where baby sleeps, giving it a hammock like feel, and relieving pressure from the soft spots on babies head. Also with the netting design, baby can breathe through the netting in case baby were to roll over. There are also venting channels which help baby eliminate the CO2 faster, giving baby better oxygen as they sleep. Another plus is, any fluids like spit up and such, will go right through the netting, preventing any suffocation risks. I can also appreciate that I can tie down the Lifenest to the crib, so that baby does not slide around at night as they move. The Lifenest is also waterproof, so you just wipe it clean, and with it being designed by doctors, it has a free airflow, which reduces any overheating and sweating! Aside from the great facts that the Lifenest has to offer, you can also buy covers to put on it, just like you would do for a mattress and the covers are BPA Free, Phtalate Free, and lead free, and with the mattress being fire proof without any chemicals added, I found the Lifenest to be a product that every new or expecting parent will need! In all I found the Lifenest to be a safe sleeping solution for baby, and a product that will not only help baby sleep in a safer environment, but also help to prevent baby from developing flat head syndrome. So this holiday season or for when you are shopping for a baby shower, be sure to get the new parents a Lifenest to assure a safe and restful sleep for baby!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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  1. Pam L
    December 6, 2013 / 10:26 pm

    This seems like a really nice product for babies. I like that it is waterproof for esay clean and and the idea of releaving pressure points on baby's head.

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