How to Prepare for your Weight Watchers Diet: Tips and Tricks (Blog Contributor)

loss is a vigorous and sometimes monotonous endeavor that has its
definite low points. It is important to combat these moments, to
ensure that you do not fall off the wagon and lose the progress that
you have made so far.

need to keep yourself on the straight and narrow, and who best to
guide you than the people that have been through your pain. Here is a
list of life-hacks to help you along your way by people whose success
stories inspired you to start the program in the first place:

is your new best friend

many people are fond of this first meal of the day. The lack of
enthusiasm is understandable because mornings are usually rushed and
busy, so no one has the time to sit around. However, you cannot get
through a Weight Watchers day unless you stock up on energy, first
thing in the morning. Learn to make time for yourself and have a
healthy and well-balanced breakfast to keep you honest. Dietitian
Rosie Schwartz says
that eating breakfast increases our energy and tames our cravings
through the day.

everything that goes into your body

need to keep a strict record of everything that you eat or drink,
including how many spoons of sugar you add to your coffee. When you
keep a detailed journal of your eating habits, you can easily spot
the things that you are doing wrong and eliminate them from your
diet. So be very strict with your Weight Watchers Points and don’t
let any slip through the cracks.

veggies that are precut and store for the winter

hunger strikes, your body craves instant gratification, so it is very
important to have a hassle-free snack lying around. Carrots and other
pre-cut veggies are the best snack that you can ask for. Finger sized
vegetables are readily available in the market, however you can also
choose to cut and ziplock fruits and vegetables for your snacking


sites publish promotional coupons for Weight Watchers throughout the
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on Weight Watchers two-point bars and fruity treats

are delicious snacks that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Keep a few
of them handy for when you are feeling low on sugar. Here is a list
of Low-Point

one really enjoys exercise, so use bribery

good can sometimes feel like it’s too distant a possibility, so
motivate yourself by rewarding good behavior. You can either reward
yourself with a snack or you can choose to watch an episode of your
favorite show during your workout. Switch off the TV the minute you
stop your workout and the curiosity should keep you going a little
bit longer.

veggies and whole grains

need to make a lifestyle change if you want to lose the weight and
manage to keep it off. The best way to do this is to replace all the
usual bread with whole grain versions. This will add a source of
fiber to your meal to keep your metabolism kicking and happy. Also,
remember to fill up on veggies before any meal. This way you are less
likely to eat as much.

not do this alone

is a huge, lifelong commitment and can be daunting at times. You need
someone who will help you stick to your diet and remind you of why
you started this in the first place. It also helps to pin up pictures
of yourself from before you started to keep you going strong.

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