Money Saving Tips: Plan the Perfect Budget Party (Guest Post)

As the New Year approaches, we are all beginning to feel the squeeze. For this reason, if you’ve got a party coming up, planning and budgeting could be a nightmare. In this current climate, every last penny, cent, nickel and dime matter and, for this reason, you need to be looking for those all important bargains. Here’s a collection of our handy hints and tips so that you can party on a budget: 

Make Your Home the Hub

Nowadays, room hire has become extortionately price, and merely renting a room at a local club can cost you hundreds; and that’s before you’ve even started decorating it and paying for a buffet. 

If you use your home instead, you lower the cost massively. In addition to saving you money on room hire, you can also save on the cost of catering and, because you can buy your alcohol/ drinks in bulk yourself, you’ll also save on a potentially huge bar bill. They may all be little additional costs but they certainly add up. 

Cheap Catering that Suits Everyone 

By doing your own catering you can save hundreds. Although in itself this seems like a huge task, it actually isn’t when you get started and it can be just like cooking a big family meal. Firstly, double check the dietary requirements for your guests so that you can make something suitable for everyone and then you’re ready to go. Usually, three main meals is an ideal number and it is advised to keep these as simple as possible. So called one pot meals like stews or chilli con carne are perfect because they’re hard to get wrong, easy to reheat and save on the washing up. Although not strictly necessary, it is also wise to pick up nibbles as, when the hot food has gone cold, your guests will still have an option to eat that saves you reheating. 

Lower Decoration Costs by Selecting a Theme 

If you select a theme for the party, you have the option to make your guests the decorations and save on the price of decorations themselves. With companies such as Ace Fancy Dress now stocking incredibly cheap fancy dress options online, you can look out for a cheap theme and, although you’ll have to buy your own costume, this will be your only decorative outlay. In addition, fancy dress has the added bonus of providing entertainment and ensuring that all of your guests are in the mood to party when they get to the doorway. 

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