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Having kids, my husband and I both enjoy finding toys for our kids, that in hand, makes us feel like kids again. With my husband, he loves having boys, so he can find toys that he can play with along with our boys. One company that we adore, and that we turn to when we are shopping for toys for the holidays is Toy State. When we look at the products from Toy State, we can find a range of them, from the heavy duty looking machinery from the line of CAT trucks, to the hot rods from the line of Road Rippers and all of the vehicles in between, like the line of Preschool Toys and awesome vehicles with beats from the DUB Garage! Well this past year I was chosen to be a Toy State Test Driver, and by I, I really mean, my family was chosen. So when the box of rigs arrived in time for the holiday guide, my husband and son found themselves enjoying a early Christmas present! In this box of amazing rides, we received a Road Rippers Street Beatz, a Road Rippers Mobile Command R/C, a Road Rippers Lightning Blast, a Cat Diecast from the Metal Collection, and a Cat Construct Dough Deluxe!

Now even though most might think that these cars are mostly for boys, my daughter Estrella found herself wanting to play with them as well after she saw her dad and brother playing with them. Estrella especially found herself interested in the Cat Construct Dough Deluxe! With this particular vehicle, the kids can construct their own construction site, then place the dough that comes with this set in the Cat machine and watch as it transforms into beams and other shapes that might be found on a construction site! The set includes one barrel of dough and accessories! With the Cat Diecast Metal truck, Robert found it to be a great toy to add to his collection of smaller vehicles.

From the Road Rippers collection we were sent the Street Beatz, which is a car that not only Robert enjoyed, but he enjoyed playing with it with his little brother Wyatt! The lights flash and the speakers boom with music to really get the party going! The boys found this car was fun to listen to, watch and also cruise with as they set it to go forward with the motorized drive! Another car that also played music from the Road Rippers collection, that is great to race, is the Lightning Blast! The Lightning Blast plays music and the interior lights up when you press the buttons on the top! The car also makes realistic car sounds and is a car that is ready to race!

Then when it comes to the R/C cars, not only do all three kids find them to be a lot of fun, but they can be a toy that my husband finds to be a lot of fun, and with the Mobile Command R/C, they can all take turns racing and doing their own tricks with this car! We liked how the car looks like a real sports car, and how the headlights can turn on! Another plus is that this car can go fast, which is fun to race against other R/C cars from the Road Rippers line of toys!

In all we found the selection of cars from the Toy State line of vehicles to be a lot of fun for the entire family to enjoy, and if you are looking for some great gifts to give for the holiday season, be sure to check out the line of vehicles from Toy State!

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