Tips for Taking your Baby Swimming for the First Time (Guest Post)

your baby swimming for the first time can seem a little daunting but
being prepared can take the stress out of the experience. Slippery
surfaces and leaky nappies can be a source of worry for new mums but
the following tips will make sure your first trip to the swimming
baths is a success.

a Date

a new mum, you may be unsure of how long you have to wait until you
can take your baby swimming.
is never too early to teach your baby to swim
However, it is important not to put all of the emphasis on the
swimming part and use the time you have in the water to make your
baby feel relaxed.

a Trial Run

your baby has never experienced being in the water, there are a
number of things you can do to make sure your first visit to the pool
is a positive one. The first step is to ensure that your baby
associates water with fun. Water confidence is paramount if you want
your first swimming experience to be stress free and you can help
your baby to feel comfortable in the water by having fun in the bath.
Bathing your baby is a great bonding experience and it is a great way
to enjoy a trial run in water.

an Off Peak Time

you want to have a stress free swimming experience, it is essential
that you time it right. Find out the opening times in advance and
make sure you opt for an off peak session when the pool will be less
busy. This will make the whole process easier from finding a parking
space to getting changed and having plenty of room to splash around
in the pool.

to Wear

you want to experience a hassle free swim with your baby, it is
essential that you have the right equipment. You don’t have to
spend a fortune on accessories but it is important to invest in the
bare essentials. Swimming nappies from somewhere like
are a must and baby toys from home can be a comfort to babies in an
unfamiliar environment.

is Key

you want your first baby swimming experience to be a good one, being
prepared is the key, Pack a bag the night before you plan to go and
create a checklist of the things that you must pack. A cosy poncho
style towel can make sure your baby is nice and warm when you get out
of the pool and it’s a good idea to pack a changing mat as not all
swimming pools provide them.

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