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This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Thank you to DressFirst.com for sponsoring this post.

As a woman, mother to a girl, sister and daughter, I know that in our lives, there are many occasions that we encounter, where having the right dress makes all the difference. I can remember as a teenage girl, preparing for prom, homecomings and even graduation pictures, having that perfect dress, that was unlike the rest, the one that was me that was mine, was the most important thing for me to have to mark the moment. I know that my mom, having two daughters, not only went through the dress shopping with me numerous times, but also went through the dress shopping with my sister. Then, when I got older, the next big step, where that one dress, the one that was to mark the moment, was on the list for mother daughter dress shopping. My mom always made sure that the dresses we got were special, and were exactly what we wanted, even on my big wedding day. So when my sister announced her engagement recently, I not only found myself excited as a sister, but also as a friend. With all of the preparations that we are getting in place, we have been looking for that special dress, and making sure she finds, “the” dress. And aside from finding her dress, we are also looking for dresses for myself, my daughter, the bridesmaid and junior bridesmaid, the dresses for the other bridesmaids along with a dress that I see as equally important, the mother of the bride dress for my mom. There are so many options to choose from, but at the end of the day, when you sit back and start adding up all of the expenses that come with a wedding, you might find yourself looking to save money on the items that make the big day complete. Recently I was introduced to a site, that not only has the prom dresses and evening gowns that are highly sought after, but I also came across some stunning wedding dresses, and wedding party dresses.

In fact, they not just have dresses that can fit into that budget for the bride and her wedding party, but I can find bridesmaids dresses that are in for the season, like the bridesmaids dresses for 2014, at very reasonable prices, taking the stress that a bride to be faces when it comes to dress shopping, off her shoulders, so she can focus on the big picture of the big day! The site is called Dress First, and after seeing the prices that we can get for the whole party of bridesmaids, the bride and even the mother of the bride, I found that this site will be one that I will not only be using when shopping for the wedding, but that I will be using in the future. Because it is like I said in the beginning of this post, I am a daughter, but also a mother of a girl, and before I know it, I will be taking my own daughter to do her dress shopping, and having a place that we can turn to, that not only has the hottest fashions out there, but also sells these dresses at prices that are wallet friendly, will make the future for dress shopping for my own daughter a more enjoyable one for all! So while you are preparing your daughter for Spring Fling, Prom or even for a wedding, be sure to check out the amazing selection and prices on the dresses they want over at Dress First today!

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. Thank you to DressFirst.com for sponsoring this post.
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