#ChevyHolidays Finding Adventure In Every Turn With The 2014 Chevy Silverado

I Received A 2014 Chevy Silverado To Test Drive And Review

Being a girl raised in the mountains and living in the plains of Texas, I find myself always wanting to go on that next adventure. Whether it be a weekend rendezvous in the mountains sledding in the snow, or a day trip to the river, playing in the mud! When we go on our adventures, we like to go prepared, by taking our four wheelers and a vehicle that can keep up. So for me and my family, having a good, dependable truck to take on our adventures is ideal. Well for this holiday travel season, I was sent the 2014 Silverado Z71 4×4 to test drive and review!

Being a girl who was raised in the mountains, and us being so close to the mountains in New Mexico, heading there to play in the snow, is one of my favorite things to do this time of year. We found that having the Chevy Silverado made for the perfect vehicle to take out and have fun in the snow with. I was very impressed on how easy it was to ride through the snow packed roads when I put it into four wheel drive. I was also able to go off the beaten path and create my own to find our own private snow filled winter wonderland to enjoy and play in! I found the traction on the snow and ice is amazing, even on the roads that had been rained on, we were able to maneuver very easily. Since we were traveling to the mountains, and heading on a road trip, the warning vibration in the driver seat that alerted you if you got too close to another object, or you also have the option for an alert for when you get too close to the lines, was nice to have to assure that you and your passengers have a safe trip! My parents live on a old dirt road, and as the snow melted and the roads became muddy, having the off road suspension that the Z71 offered us, made getting to and from my parents house and other off road destinations very easy to access!

Living in the Panhandle of Texas in the plains, I know that the traction control that the Z71 offers is something that the ranchers and oil field workers in the area can really appreciate. Other features that helped make our trip to the mountains and our adventures while we were there included the heated seats. I enjoyed being able to not only have separate climate controls on the driver and passenger sides, but with the heated seats, we could climb back into a nice warm truck after getting out to play in the snow, and we were able to warm up a lot quicker with having both the bottom and back of the seats heated! There are so many amazing features, like the rear park assist and back up camera, which is great for when you have animals, children or any obstacles that may be out of your sight, easy to see. We also liked having the OnStar service to assist us for finding our favorite dinning and shopping destinations, and knowing that OnStar is there in case of an emergency is also nice to have. In all, we found the Chevy Silverado Z71, to not only be a great family truck to take out on a vacation to the mountains, or for a day of play at the river, but it also makes for a great work vehicle that is safe and dependable for those who work off the beaten path on a daily basis! So if you are in the market for a vehicle that offers both a comfortable ride as well as a truck that can handle a work load, both on the main roads and off road, then check out the Chevy Silverado Z71 today!

This post was sponsored by Chevy, all opinions are my own. Thank you to the people over at Chevy for providing me with a vehicle to review for this post!
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  1. Pam L
    January 2, 2014 / 8:25 pm

    I think one of the best features of any new vehicle is the rear park assist and back up camera. I have an older impala and I am short…I can hardly see behind me when I back out. Amazing what technology they have come up with in recent years.

  2. AMY
    January 6, 2014 / 4:03 am

    My husband would love to have a truck like this. Someday! 🙂

  3. Vanessa Wille
    February 8, 2014 / 9:49 pm

    We recently expanded our family and we had to sell my husband's two door truck and buy a four door truck so we could load all the car seats etc. This is exactly what we bought! A nice black one used. We love it.

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