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In my home, breakfast is a big deal, and I see breakfast as being the most important meal of the day. With kids in school, and even a husband in school, starting the day off right is what I aim for. Now mornings may be somewhat chaotic at times, but somehow we can still find the time to take a moment to sit at the table, and enjoy a well balanced meal before we start the day. One thing that is fast and easy to put out in the mornings for the family to enjoy together is cereal. Recently my family and I were sent a box of Cheerios, a bowl and a shirt for the Cheerios Family Breakfast Project to encourage myself and my family to take seven minutes a day for seven days to enjoy breakfast together. I must admit, there are some mornings where we find that not everyone is able to get to the table at the same time to eat together, so I was worried that we could run into some issues, but when I told my family what I wanted to do, they all agreed that they would assure we ate our breakfasts together every morning, at the same time and for at least seven minutes!

We found that this was easy to accomplish, and we also found, that like at dinner, we can discuss things together. Instead of asking how our days went, we talked about what we had planned for the day and set personal goals each day. The kids set personal goals by getting good behavior and citizenship marks at school each day, as well as paying attention and doing well in class each day. My husband set his goals to ask more questions in class so that he can better understand some of the subjects he is studying, and so he can better understand the objective of assignments and projects from his professors. I set my goals for putting in time for walking each day, as well as some goals towards work. In all, having Cheerios at the table in the mornings for the whole family to enjoy and share as we prepared for our days and ate our breakfast, really made a difference and helped each of us start our days off right! So challenge your family to a seven day seven minute breakfast challenge, where you can eat at the table together each morning and start your days off right, and be sure to add Cheerios to the menu!

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.

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  1. Pam L
    January 28, 2014 / 4:12 am

    This is a good way to try and start the day a healthy way, not just by eating but having everyone spend a few moments together is a great idea.

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