From Cot to Big Bed: How to Smoothen the Transition (Guest Post)

At some point,
every toddler outgrows their crib. This can be a very difficult time
for both the child and their parents, as both try to adjust to the
big changes ahead. Here are some top tips to help you all deal with
the change.

Make Sure Your Child is Ready

You don’t want to
force your toddler into his or her first ‘big-kid bed’ until it’s the
right time to do so. Most toddlers will be ready for the transition
from the crib between the ages of 18 months and 3 years. If they
start to climb over the rail of the crib or if they’re already potty
trained and show a keenness for their own bog bed, then it’s time.

Choose the Right Bed

a bed that your toddler will love is very important as moving into
the big persons world can be slightly daunting, however keen they may
have been to escape the crib. So choose bedding that has their
favourite colours or designs on it. Practicality is crucial here as
well. Are you expecting another little one in the coming months as
well? If so, perhaps a bunk

might be a more financially sensible option. In truth, you’ll
probably not want to spend ridiculous amounts on their bed (though
don’t buy something really cheap), as they will undoubtably outgrow
it in the not too distant future. Bedzrus
is a good place to start when shopping for children’s beds.

Time It Just Right

Because moving
into a big kid bed is such a big step for your child, you really want
to time the transition as best you can. For example, don’t have them
move into their new bed in the same week as other big events in their
life occur, such as their first day of pre-school. Instead, wait for
a time in which they are generally at ease and therefore, much more
likely to handle the transition smoothly and without too much fuss.

Discipline Yourself

the transition from crib to big bed is not just a big event in the
life of the child; it’s very significant for the mother as well.
After all, your child is no longer a baby and with that reality comes
certain sacrifices. For example, you’ll more than likely be very
to want to lie down with your toddler

as they fall asleep. Though this would be nice, it’s a very difficult
habit to break once started. In order to ensure a quicker transition
into new sleeping arrangement, try not to weaken.

As Smooth as Possible

The transition
from crib to big bed can be stressful for all concerned. But with
these key tips, you have a good understanding of what to expect and
how to make the move as smooth as possible.

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