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The new year is here, and with that comes all of those new years resolutions. For me, I did not really make any resolutions, instead I decided to set goals, goals for me to achieve this year. One of my main goals is to become more fit and continue to loose weight. I do have to admit, I hit that plateau, and after seeing no decrease in my weight for a while, I realized it was time to step it up. So this year, I have decided my goal is to push myself to walk a little farther and a little longer each time I go out in the mornings with Wyatt. To help me out this year with tracking my own progress I am using my Jawbone Up. I have found that seeing my stats each day, not only helps me see where I can use some improvement and see how far I have come, but it also helps to motivate me so that I am setting that next goal for tomorrow and so on. Now I have many things that motivate me, from seeing my actual real time health stats with my Jawbone Up, to seeing the number I have written down in my notebook. The number I aim to achieve, and seeing myself get closer to that number, no matter what my weekly numbers show, is a huge motivation. Well, when I think about motivation, I also think of ways to keep me motivated while I am out walking, what can keep me pumped up to go a little farther. One thing that I enjoy doing while I am out on the trails is listen to music. I find that when I have music playing in my ears from my iPod, it makes the whole exercise thing a lot more bearable, and actually makes it enjoyable! To get a crisp, clear sound, that keeps me going, and that does not hurt my ears while I am on a walk, I find using earbuds like the Yurbuds to be the earbuds of choice while working out!

I can really appreciate the water resistant, sweat proof design, and I also like that I can use the Yurbuds on both my iPod and my phone if I wanted to while I am out working up a sweat! Aside from the basic Yurbuds that offer the comfort as well as the water proof and sweat proof features, I can also really appreciate the new Yurbuds Limited Edition Bluetooth Wireless Earbud Headphones, which will really come in handy when I get to where I can really step up my routine and start the running phase. I am hoping I can get in a good steady run each time I go out by Spring, and having a set of headphones that are wireless and also water proof and sweat proof as well as having a great ergonomic design, that is meant for using while you work out, will really come in handy! Knowing that studies have shown that when you listen to music during your workout music can increase your duration and intensity by as much as 15% makes me feel good and also knowing that when I use the the earbuds from Yurbuds, I am using the earbuds that were founded by a Ironman Triathlete, and that the Yurbuds are the #1 selling sports earphone company, makes the Yurbuds earbuds my #1 choice! So while you are out there working on your own fitness goals for this year, be sure to get some Yurbuds from your local Best Buy today so you can enjoy some music and increase your workout duration and intensity! Well to help you with your fitness goals, the wonderful people from Best Buy would like to offer some great coupons for my readers to use towards some Yurbuds and some of the health and fitness products from Best Buy!

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  1. Pam L
    January 24, 2014 / 7:41 am

    Yurbuds sounds really good, I like that they are water resistance and sweat proof.I would have never thought of that when looking to purchase earbuds.

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