#ad Hide & Seek Fun For Your Little Ones With Pango Hide & Seek

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

Finding ways to keep the kids entertained is something I enjoy doing. I like finding the newest apps on the market then first trying them out myself, and if I like them, letting the kids play them as well. I have found that having games for the kids to play at certain times, can really come in handy, like when we are sitting at a doctors office, or when we are on a road trip or even when we have a long day of errands to run. For me, I keep all 3 of my kids in mind, like their ages and what they will enjoy, so when I find app games for kids, I like to have ones that they can all play and even play together.

Recently I was introduced to a new app that is a lot of fun, and even though it says it is for 3 and up, Wyatt, who is 1, has found it to be fun to play along with when someone else is playing it with him! The app is called Pango Hide & Seek. With Pango Hide & Seek, little ones can enjoy playing along with the adorable blue raccoon and his friends. You and your little ones can find that playful raccoon, Pango, hiding in fun places, making the playtime on this app a lot of fun and exciting. There are so many fun items to look for along the way as well, which are great for little ones to find as they follow along! I like that there are different levels you can go to, 15 in all, from a fun carnival to outer space and so much more! I also like that there is no time limit, so it makes this app game a lot of fun for my Wyatt to take his time, explore, and play along!

In all, we have found the new Pango Hide & Seek App to be a great app for Wyatt to play and for the rest of us to enjoy playing along with him as well! So if you have a little one, who enjoys playing on the apps, and you want to find one that is fun, and that goes along with their own pace, making it a non stressful time of fun game play, then get the Pango Hide & Seek App today!

This post was sponsored by Studio Pango, all opinions are my own. Thank you to the sponsor for the opportunity!
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  1. joanna garcia
    February 25, 2014 / 11:18 am

    Oh Yay! you are right this will be great for kids of all ages and they can play together! my girls love finding games and this is a great one!

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