Carpet Benefits

Carpeting not only looks great, but also quiets a room, adds warmth and softness, and feels better under foot than any other flooring product. Carpet can also be installed over uneven subfloors, and when cared for properly, carpet can last for a lifetime. Today’s carpet comes in more sophisticated choices and designs, and is designed to last for years. Advancements in carpet fiber technology have helped create a more stain-resistant carpet, making carpet a great choice for homes with kids and pets. What are some more benefits of carpet?

  • Carpet is economical and installation costs are even sometimes lower than other flooring installation costs.

  • Carpet comes in a huge variety of colors, patterns, and styles.

  • Carpet is much quieter than hard surface floors, making it a perfect choice for homes with children.

  • Carpet adds warmth and is extremely soft under feet. This makes it safe for children and the elderly, especially for the potential of falling.

  • Carpet can coordinate with any existing décor in your home.

  • Carpet does a wonderful job at hiding irregularities that may not have been hidden with hard surface floors.

Adding carpet to your home comes with a slew of great benefits. If you’re considering installing carpet, consider reaching out to your local Flooring America and asking on of their flooring professionals if carpet is right for you!  

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  1. joanna garcia
    February 21, 2014 / 12:17 pm

    These are good points! i never liked carpets because of the maintenance of cleaning it but if there are stain-resistant ones i am def going to check it out! I hope there are some allergen free ones too!

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