DIY Duct Tape Projects With The Kids From Scotch Brand Duct Tape

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When it comes to finding things to craft with and getting inspiration for crafting, my kids and I are all in! We love our weekends, and taking a hour out of our day to get together and get creative. One of the trends that the kids have really been into lately, not just at our craft table but with their friends as well is crafting items with Duct Tape. Estrella has quite a collection of Duct Tape, and it is not your ordinary plain old, silver Duct Tape, nope, I am talking about Duct Tape with flair and pizzazz. Yes, it is out there, and when we head to some of our favorite craft supply stores, we can find a great selection of Duct Tapes with some great designs that we end up adding to our collection. Now, I know if you are not familiar with what I am talking about you might be thinking, what on earth could be so interesting about Duct Tape, and what could the kids really make with it? Well like myself and the kids explained to my husband, the possibilities are endless. It was not until my husband joined in on one of our Duct Tape crafting days, that he understood what the craze was all about, and when he found himself, joining in and creating some items of his own. Recently, we were sent some great new Duct Tape designs from Scotch Duct Tape to add to our collection and create with. It was funny too, because my once doubting husband, was just as excited to see the new patterns as the kids were.

There are so many possibilities on what you can create, from book marks, bracelets, and even fun wallets, to photo frames and even fun craft holders like the crayon holder in the picture above and so much more! You can find some great inspiration by heading on over to the Scotch Duct Tape Gallery, and stocking up on some great designs that you can find in the crafting section of many stores as well as at office supply stores and craft supply stores! So head out today, find the designs you like and get creative!!!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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