Dressing The Boys For The Big Day With Black N Bianco

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When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many details to cover. For my own wedding, I tried to make it simple, but as well all know, not all brides are the same. In the near future, my own baby sister will be taking the big steps and say “I do”, to the man of her dreams. And unlike me, my sister is covering every detail for her wedding that she can possibly find. Like for instance, since she has 2 nephews, she will have Robert as her Ring Bearer, and Wyatt as her Sign Bearer. When she sent the initial wedding party gifts with the questions on them to ask everyone to play a certain role in her wedding, I wondered, what is a Sign Bearer. I soon found out after looking online that the Sign Bearer comes down the isle, ahead of the bride with a sign announcing her arrival. Aside from the boys taking part in the wedding party, myself, my husband and Estrella will also be part of the wedding. Well, due to the fact that there are many details, big and small that we will be covering for this wedding, I decided it was time to find tuxedos for the boys to wear. As I looked through numerous sites that sold boys suits and boys tuxedos, I came across one that not only sold the tuxedos I was needing, but also sold them at very reasonable prices, which after I get mine and Estrella’s dresses along with my husbands Tux, is a huge plus! Even though the wedding is a few months off, I decided to go ahead and get Wyatt’s tux ordered now, since his sizes are pretty simple. The tux I went with came with everything we will need, minus the shoes, and for around $20, I found this to be an amazing deal! I mean, once we are ready to order Robert’s tux, I know I can go back to Black N Bianco, and order Robert’s for a great deal as well! I also like knowing that for any future events that come up where the boys will be needing formal wear, I can head on over to Black N Bianco and shop with ease of mind, knowing that I will not only be finding the items I am needing, but that I will also find them at amazing, mom friendly prices! So the next time you are needing to dress your boys for the big day, or even your daughter as a flower girl, keep Black N Bianco in mind and find the attire you are needing at a great price!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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