Sweet Treats for your Valentine

As the 14th of February fast
approaches, you may be wondering what treats you can surprise your
Valentine with that go beyond the cliché of chocolates and flowers.
Valentine’s Day is a day for showing you care, so instead of empty
gestures, why not take a look at our list of top tips below to show
someone you’re thinking of them?

Special Delivery

Valentine’s Day is a working day this
year, so no doubt your sweetheart will be holed up in an office
somewhere slaving most of the day away. Make their day that bit
brighter with a special delivery that arrives right at the office.
There’s a plethora of options available for the creative romantic
but we like the idea of sending your sweetheart a delicious gift
basket of office fruit. These can be easily arranged online (click
for an example site that supplies office fruit Fruitfuloffice.co.uk.
) Sweet,
thoughtful and it won’t ruin the diet. It’s also shareable with
co-workers – it’s a perfect sentimental show of affection that is
sure to see them through the rest of the work day with a smile.

Do it yourself

Once your Valentine gets home, show
them how much they mean to you by baking up some treats in the
kitchen. Putting in the effort yourself shows how much you care and
that you’re willing to put in an effort to make them happy. It
doesn’t matter how good of a chef you are – whether it’s a
simple stir-fry of a complicated gourmet meal, they’ll feel happy
that you tried.


Some people splash out when it comes to
Valentine’s Day, but it’s not necessary. People just want to know
that they’re loved and appreciated. Show them that you know them
like no one else by getting them something you know they really want.
It can be small and inexpensive – the price doesn’t matter. What
matters is showing them that you listen to them and that you care
about their interests.

Surprise, surprise!

Most people are bored with Valentine’s
Day as they feel it is a day full of forced romance, bland gestures
and clichés. However, you can change all that by surprising your
Valentine with something different.

Make it a shared experience that you
can both enjoy together, such as a cookery class or a skydiving
experience. Make it something as wacky and wild as you like, or you
could keep things simple by opting to surprise them at lunch during
work. Whatever you choose, the element of surprise will ensure you
have the upper hand!

Take a break from normality

If you fancy exploring Valentine’s
Day a little differently, why not take your date to a special late
night at the Natural History Museum for a special Valentine’s Night
Safari? (Check out the natural history
museum site here
.) Or maybe you’d rather listen to love poetry
in John Keats’ old house? There are plenty of opportunities for a
Valentine’s Day with a difference in London and beyond, so if you
want something out of the ordinary, Valentine’s is the night to do

Valentine’s Day can be as cheesy or
as special as you make it. If you want to break with clichéd
tradition and do something really special this Valentine’s Day
instead, then the key is to start having fun with it!

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