5 Mother's Day Gifts You Know She Will Appreciate (Guest Post)

It seems incredible but
Mother’s Day is just around the corner – make sure Sunday March
30 is circled in your diary! There’s no shying away from it,
Mother’s Day gifts can be a little hit and miss, particularly if
you have really young children and hubby is in charge of buying. The
presents that really stand out and mean something are the ones that
involve a bit of thought and effort. Here are some suggestions for
tokens of appreciation that really are meaningful.

Make it yourself

A homemade gift is a
great way to show care, effort and thought. And with a DIY present,
quality is not really the bottom line. It’s about the time you’ve
taken and the creativity you’ve applied to create something
entirely bespoke and special. Check out www.craftsuperstore.co.uk
for all the elements you’ll need to create your own card, memories
scrapbook, cake or piece of artwork. When you’re making something
from scratch, the possibilities are endless. Get your imagination
working and think about how you can show how grateful you are for all
your mum’s hard work and support.

Make it memorable

For a memorable and
unusual gift, why not opt for something like a professional
photography session, featuring your mum and key family members in a
setting that is special to you? There are plenty of photographers who
do studio photography sessions, but you could hire a professional who
has a knack for taking snaps outside. Have a look at a few outdoor
wedding photographers
to get some ideas and inspiration; the same
principles apply whether you want bride and groom shots outside or
family shots instead. Really stunning, well-executed family photos
that are natural and without the cheese factor can make a very
special gift. It can also make for a fun day out if you set aside two
hours to do the photos in a country park or by a historic building,
followed by a pub lunch.

Make it an experience

Is there something that
your mum has always wanted to do but never got round to?
sky-dive, a spa day, a cooking
lesson with a top chef
, or a race track driving experience?
Arranging this kind of unique activity for your mum is a great way to
show her how amazing you think she is, and also that you listen –
when she mentions all those things she’d love to do one day, you
really have been busy taking notes!

Make it useful

Giving mum a real day off
on Mother’s Day is a must. Why not let your gift take this theme a
little further? Arrange a time when your mum isn’t at home to get
cracking on all those jobs that she usually spends any ‘free time’
doing – cleaning, washing, running errands. Cleaning the whole
house is a fantastic way to do something that lightens your mum’s
load and shows you appreciate how much she does. You could also give
her vouchers that she can redeem throughout the year ahead in return
for you doing specific jobs – cooking a meal, cleaning out the
shed, or a day of gardening.

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  1. joanna garcia
    March 9, 2014 / 12:53 pm

    Mother's Day is in March now, since when? I thought it was the second Sunday of May! LOL Oh well BUt you are right i wish for once on mothers day i had a day off we all need it , to feel special and pampered! would love that more than anything oh and the handmade gifts are always great too!

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