7 Beauty Myths You Can STOP Worrying About (Guest Post)

When you are flipping through your favorite magazine or scouring Pinterest how many times have you seen and heard beauty tips that just seem absurd. With all the style and beauty outlets available online and in print, there is a mountain of advice and information available on beauty maintenance. The telling and retelling of these valuable beauty tips has caused some of the details to be misinterpreted or simply embellished over the years. For example, the tip stating ‘pulling out one white hair will bring 7 more’ or ‘pumping the applicator wand in the tube when applying mascara’ are both beauty myths. So here are 7 common beauty myths exposed and clarified once and for all!

Makeup Causes Acne
This beauty myth is probably not true. There is no conclusive evidence that proves that makeup or skincare products cause acne. Studies were conducted on rats in the late 70s and it was determined that the effects on their skin had no direct correlation to the way women wear makeup. So why do so many women, beyond puberty, still get acne? Adults that experience breakouts after using a particular skin or makeup product is mainly due to irritation or is an inflammatory response to the ingredients in the beauty product. In this case, check the active ingredients and consult a dermatologist about your reactions to the product.

Pumping the Mascara Applicator Wand into the Tube
Pumping the mascara applicator wand is an old myth that must be stopped immediately. Sure it’s fun, but it actually has negative effects to your mascara and possibly to you too. Moving the brush in and out forces air into the tube and any bacteria that comes from your eye will thrive and multiply if exposed to the air that is trapped in the tube. In addition to that, pumping the applicator dries out the mascara paste much faster and also reduces the amount of product on the wand. Instead, move the applicator wand around the inside of the tube, gently scraping the edge. You will still get enough product, that is evenly distributed on the applicator, while keeping everything fresh and bacteria-free as long as possible.   

Washing Your Hair Frequently is Harmful
There has been quite a bit of debate on this topic, especially because many stylists say that there are natural oils that are healthy for your scalp. However, the truth is that your scalp has pores and these pores sweat and produce oils like the rest of the body. If you don’t wash your scalp, bacteria will thrive in the warm pockets of your hair. If your hair is oily and you exercise a lot, washing your hair with good quality shampoo and conditioner will not only clean your hair, but improve its condition. 

Using Lip Balm on a Regular Basis Gets Your Lips Addicted
All I have to say is NO! For starters, you should erase the idea that your skin can become addicted to anything. If the regular use of lip moisturizer is helping your lips stay moisturized, then it will continue to work for that purpose. Similarly, because water is good for us and has proven benefits every time we drink water, we don’t worry that our body will get addicted to drinking the standard 8 glasses of water day after day. 

100 Brush Strokes Will Make You Hair Shinier
Stylists are very clear about this rumor, brushing your hair that many times is too much. Professionals say that tugging your hair that much can often cause more damage because the strands of hair can break in the middle. There are, however, benefits to brushing your hair a few times to gain a little bit of luster. Trichologists or dermatologists that study hair and scalp, say that light brushing removes impurities and stimulates blood flow to the scalp which nourishes hair follicles and keeps them healthy. It also redistributes the oils from your scalp down the strand of hair which will reflect the light, giving off a shiny glow.

Pulling Out White Hairs Will Bring More
This myth has been floating around for several decades, but if you really think about the science behind this theory, it couldn’t possibly be true. You may have heard that pulling one white hair you will get 7 more, but only one strand of hair grows per hair follicle. So in order of this myth to be true, you would have to grow 7 new hair follicles from plucking hair out of one follicle. That is simply not possible. This does not mean you should run to the mirror to pull out all your white hairs because ripping hair from the roots often leads to the new hair strand to be unable to lie flat. The best idea for resolving white hairs is to see a colorist.

Crossing Your Legs Causes Varicose Veins
This myth is officially debunked starting…NOW! Sitting down or crossing your legs does not cause spider or varicose veins, but standing might. The two situations that can lead to pronounced veins are a genetic predisposition or people who have jobs that require them to stand a lot. This is because excessive standing causes the circulatory system to work extra hard to pump blood up from the legs to the heart. Varicose veins are also a side effect of pregnancy or trauma, like getting hit by a baseball or a car door. 

Make sure you remember that beauty tips are stated for the general masses. While most publications will address beauty tips that are applicable to everyone, it is important to realize that everyone’s body is different and a beauty tip that works for someone with tougher skin may not suit someone with more sensitive skin. 

Hello, My name is Sonia and I am a thirty-something blogger who loves to write about sports, health, DIY projects, hair and makeup, jewelry and food from India! I also write for a medical and cosmetic practice in Nashville, where I get most of my health knowledge from some of the greatest, well rounded surgeons. I am a fun-loving, vegetarian that will try anything once. I like to play golf, dance, meet new people and listen to upbeat music. 

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  1. Janet W.
    April 19, 2014 / 9:50 am

    Great post! I've always wondered about washing your hair too frequently. I think I'll just continue to wash mine every day because I just like feeling clean.

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