Floral Fragrance: Anyone Can Create a Beautiful Flower Arrangement (Guest Post)

Arranging flowers is a popular hobby, but it takes time to master. It is not simply a question of throwing lots of flowers together and hoping for the best. However, you can learn the basics quite quickly and enjoy excellent results without too much trial and effort. Here is the way to get started.

Prepare the Vase

The vase is an important part of the flower display, so you will want to choose it carefully. You should first decide whether you want it to be something distinctive like a teapot, which will add to the display, or something more subtle that will essentially be hidden and won’t distract attention from the flowers.

You can use practically any vase that you have lying around, or you could buy a new one specially for your arrangement. Whatever you decide, you will want a vase that is at least clean and attractive. You may also want to consider using a glass vase and filling it with some stones to provide support and improve its appearance.

Choose Your Flowers

This is a matter of taste, but as a general rule certain flowers look better in certain vases. Small flowers are generally better in short vases, and longer flowers work better in tall vases. Try to find a vase that is suited to the flowers you want to use, but you can always cut the flowers to size instead.

A good way to find out more about flowers is to look at other displays when you are out and about and to take notice of the types of flowers that work well together. You could also watch videos that provide information about flower arrangement. There are lots of instruction videos online, so download some using something like http://www.youtubedownloadersite.com and watch them offline at your convenience, perhaps as you are arranging your flowers. Make sure you remember to respect intellectual property.

Prepare the Flowers

Once you have chosen your flowers, preparing them for the arrangement is easy. First, remove the lower leaves from the flower stems so that they do not get covered in water, and this will help the flowers stay fresher. Next, cut at least an inch from the bottom of each stem, and cut at an angle to allow the flowers to soak up more of the nutrients. You should also remove the pollen stamens because pollen can cause discoloring of the flower petals.

Position the Flowers

Once you have prepared the flowers, add water to the vase along with flower food if you wish, and the water should be at about room temperature. Then start to place the flowers in. There are no rules here, but try to position the larger flowers first as this can help you to create a foundation for your arrangement that you can then build upon with the smaller flowers. Knowing what works is really a matter of practice, but try to position the flowers at different angles and balance out your display.

Experiment with Flower Arrangements

The above is a guide to get you started with flower arrangement. The beauty of arranging flowers is that anyone can enjoy getting creative, but the secret, like anything, is to practice. Try out different things, get creative, and analyze the flower arrangements of others, and soon you will be creating flower arrangements that delight anyone who sees them.

Lisa Harold is an experienced florist. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills to help others have beautiful flowers in their lives.

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  1. Janet W.
    April 18, 2014 / 10:09 am

    These are all great tips! I plan on making a floral arrangement as a centerpiece for our Easter brunch.

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