Get your Kids off the Sofa and into a Sport

It’s never too early to start
encouraging your children to have an active lifestyle, and today,
there are more opportunities than ever before for kids to try out
different sports.

Even at the most basic level, they’ll
get to experience a range of different sports through the PE lessons
at primary school. Most schools don’t concentrate on one or two
sports for this age group – they give them sample sessions of
different sports like football, tennis, hockey, netball,
rounders and athletics. If your child comes home full of enthusiasm
about a particular sport you can encourage that interest by finding
out about local clubs or coaching in that sport.

You never know, your five year old
taking his first mini-tennis
might turn out to be the Wimbledon
Men’s Champion
twenty years from now. All the world’s biggest
tennis stars started young, and who’s to say that your child hasn’t
got that star potential?

Last year’s Wimbledon winner, Andy
Murray, is a great example. Murray started playing tennis as a boy,
encouraged by his mum, Judy. He was also a good enough footballer to
be offered a place at Rangers Football Club’s School of Excellence
at the age of 15, but chose to focus on tennis instead. Just as well
because just over a decade later, he became the first Briton to win
Wimbledon in 77 years. This year, Betfair already has Murray down as
one of the favourites, with odds of around 2/1. Joint third
favourites on Betfair are Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. If Federer
were to win, it would be his 8th victory at Wimbledon and
he would beat a new record by doing so – currently he and Pete
Sampras have won the Wimbledon Championships an astonishing seven
times each. You can bet on the big tennis stars’ 2014 Grand Slam
potential at Betfair too.

So, what are you
waiting for? If you’ve spotted skill in your little one’s swing
of a racket or dribble of a ball, don’t hesitate to nurture and
encourage them in their chosen sport – they could be a champion in
the making. And even if they’re not, they’ll have fun and be
healthier for trying!

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  1. Amanda
    April 1, 2014 / 5:44 pm

    It is so important to keep your children active. Encouraging your children to participate in sports and such will help them in many different areas of life. Making sure they get enough sleep at night is an important step in providing them with energy to participate in such activities. Sleep tips for children are a helpful way to make sure your kids are getting quality sleep. Good sleep will in turn provide energy to get off the couch and participate in an activity.

  2. Julie G.
    April 1, 2014 / 8:12 pm

    I so agree with this… it is so important to keep kids active. We are currently signed up for t-ball and will do soccer this summer. If not signing up for a sport at least getting out to the parks or for a family walk or anything active is very important for kids! They will be helathier and have fun trying out new sports!

  3. lil_lady_dz
    April 3, 2014 / 11:48 am

    yes my son is in soccer, we always limit his time on the ipad when he plays games, or video games, but we as a family barely watch tv, my kid is always outside playing with friends, and we do a lot of family activites together. and we only have one tv in the whole house which is in the living room.

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