In March Our Hearts Yearn For Flowers (Guest Post)

No matter if March comes
in like a lion, no matter if winter seems like it will never leave
us. In March the days are getting longer, birds are venturing out
from their winter hiding places to encourage Spring to hurry up with
loud chirpings and carryings on. In March, even if the temperature is
cold, when the wind stops, for a few moments you can actually feel
the warmth of the sun, reminding us that Spring will come no matter
how blustering and immoveable winter seems.

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The flower for March is
the Jonquil,
aka Narcissus or Daffodil. During Roman birthday celebrations family
and friends offered congratulations and brought gifts, much as they
do today. The gifts often included gemstone jewelry, such as the
Aquamarine, and also flowers.

Satisfy your longing for
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genuine honey jade gemstone.

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The “Language
of Flowers
” developed during the very
conservative period of the Victorian era. The Victorians were
strongly restricted by the rules of etiquette – and at that time it
was considered totally inappropriate to express feelings of love or
affection. Messages were assigned to a specific flower. A lover could
then send flowers that conveyed a hidden romantic meaning, although
you’d think that the entire society would catch on after a while.
The Daffodil, whether in white, yellow or orange, meant “You are
an angel”.

Birth month flowers are
also given as
gifts for special occasions
all over the world. Celebrations most popular for the Daffodil
include the birth of a new baby, and weddings. The meaning of the
flower adds interest to the message.

Depending on where you
live, the Daffodil blooms from February to May

are the flowers of Spring, however, you’ll find many lovely
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This stunning choker-style
necklace has been stitched in ‘oya’, a technique practiced by
Anatolian women for centuries. Although it may look a little like
crochet it is actually made of hundreds of tiny knots, each made one
at a time with a needle and fine silk thread.

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So as March proceeds on
its unpredictable way, let’s take advantage of every balmy breeze,
no matter how short-lived, and revel in the first cheery chirps of
birds who have made it through the winter. Let’s celebrate the very
idea of spring, adorn ourselves with flowers, and dance for joy as
old man Winter huffs and puffs on the way to his inevitable exit.

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