Keeping your Child Safe While in the Car with the Clek Oobr

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There are many stages when it comes to preparing for a baby, from the newborn stage, the toddler stage and on up to the child stage. After having 3 kids, I know that these stages go by quickly, so I find that preparing for the next stage to come is ideal.

With Wyatt, he is a big boy for being a toddler, and as he has grown, we have gone from the infant car seat to a big boy, forward facing car seat. I know that at his growth rate, it will not be too much longer before he will be big enough for a booster seat.

When Robert was ready for his first booster seat, he was 4, and even though Wyatt has a couple of years before he gets to the age Robert was at, when it comes to his weight and height, he is not too far off. Well to help me get prepared for that day when it comes, I was sent the Clek Oobr to review.

Having used booster seats in the past, I found the Clek Oobr to be a lot more advanced than some of the ones I have come across. I like that when Wyatt is ready, we can use the full back feature, which is recommended for children with a weight of 33-100 pounds and a height of 38-57 inches. I can really appreciate that with the recommendations for having your children in a car sear or booster seat, it is made to accommodate children who are weight and height appropriate. Then as Wyatt gets older, I can easily remove the back part if I choose to, which is recommended for children 4 years and up, 40-57 inches tall, and weighing 40-100 pounds.

Taking a look at the material and the comfort of this booster seat, I can really appreciate the energy absorbing foam layer, which is there to absorb energy from a side impact, reducing the amount of force that your child might experience. Then to also provide comfort for the head, the headrest is adjustable, so it not only allows for little heads to dose off comfortably, but with the proper positioning of the headrest, your child is protected and can help reduce twisting movements in the case of a collision. The seat can also recline, with the 12 degrees of angle available, safely, and secured, to provide comfort as well.

Aside from the obvious comfort features that also provide safety, I like that the seat raises your child 4 inches, which helps to improve the fit of the seat belt in the car, and it also helps with positioning the seat belt around your child’s hips, which has been an issue in the past when my older two kids were little. Then with using the anchors on your vehicle, the Rigid LATCH System locks the seat in place, even when the seat is not occupied, so your child’s seat has more stability in case of a collision.

With the ratings, along with the fact that the Clek Oobr meets all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, I find that it is a given when it comes to looking for safety for your children. Making the Clek Oobr, a top choice or me when it comes to time to put Wyatt in a big boy booster seat in the car!

So if you are ready to make that transition into a booster seat, or if you are in the market for a new booster seat for your kids, take a look at the Clek Oobr, and take all of the features that provide more than just a seat, but extra comfort and safety to your kids into consideration!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review. 
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