Local Online Selling and Buying Made Easier with the Puhsh App #ad

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

As a mom, I am constantly going through the kids items, and either giving them away or trying to sell them. Aside from the constant fact that the kids are always growing, growing out of clothes and growing too big for certain items, I am also always looking for clothes that are a bigger size, or other items for both the kids and the household. Like many other mothers out there, I head to sites like Craigslist and those Facebook groups that have the online garage sales and swaps. The thing is, when I use sites like Craigslist, I end up finding ads for things that turn out too good to be true and are nothing but spam, or when I have items for sale, I get calls from people who are trying to scam others. Then when I do find items that are legit, ones that I really want, I call or email, and it has already been sold, leaving me back to square one where I am once again searching the ads. Things like that turn the experience into a nightmare, and I end up wanting to set up a garage sale, but never have the time, and I get discouraged because I can not trust those sites and groups.

Recently I was introduced to a app that is a solution to the issue, and that makes the online garage sale idea a fun and easy one like it should be. The app is called Puhsh, and when I download the Puhsh App from iTunes or Google Play, I can feel assured that as I use the “Local, Social Media, Marketplace”, where others who use the app have verified Facebook accounts. I can also use the Facebook Graph which allows me to see other members who I might have mutual friends through, who are local. Aside from the safety feature of having only verified users using the app, I like that I can choose the categories that interest me, so those will be the only ones I see in my feed. The app also allows me to easily manage my own posts, the items I have bid on, and receive an instant notification when anything happens!

Another plus about the Puhsh App is when I am ready to set up items to sell, the app makes it very easy and fast to do. Also, when I have sold an item, I can mark it as sold, so others know it is no longer available and same goes for when I am shopping for items. I also like that there are many pickup options for when I am selling or buying, like if I want to ad the option of a Porch Pickup and so on! Once I have sold or bought an item, I can manage the sale through private messaging so either the buyer or seller can work out the details of the exchange. Then for those of us who utilize the app on a regular basis, we can earn points and even badges, which not only shows that the member is trustworthy, but members can use the points to earn discounts!

You can begin your selling and shopping today by downloading Puhsh, also you can learn more by heading to the Puhsh site and by watching the video below!

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.
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  1. Sandra VanHoey
    April 21, 2014 / 9:48 am

    I sure do love this one and my daughter has tons of clothing from my granddaughters, so many like brand new. I will share this one with her, thanks so much!

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