There Are More Hair Restoration Options Than Ever Before (Guest Post)

The days of feeling low self-esteem about thinning hair are over. The ability to have a full head of hair with a simple hair transplant is easier than ever. Outpatient procedures are a great way to build confidence and never be embarrassed about a balding head again. Men and women should know that feeling good about themselves is important. Hiding thinning spots on the head can be avoided with a hair restoration procedure. Never bother with embarrassing hair pieces and products that claim to help hair grow again. Have thick, natural hair just like you had when you were young and feel good about getting a haircut again. The comb-over will be a thing of the past with an innovative hair transplant. 

The reasons behind hair loss(1) are not certain, but through research it was discovered that hair could be transplanted from the back of the head to the front of the pallet with great success rates. Hair transplants work by taking hair from the recipients own head. After an initial analysis is made through a consultation, hair restoration experts can enlighten you to the best options available in your hair loss challenge. Another non-invasive treatment avenue is carboxytherapy, (2) which involves injecting carbon dioxide gas below the skin of the scalp in order to improve circulation and promote increased blood flow. The procedure is quick and relatively painless, and there are no known risks associated with it. Technology has come along way with the different procedures that are available today and there are thousands of testimonies available from other patients that will provide the positive reinforcement and confidence you need to go ahead with the procedure. 

These procedures are minimally invasive and take very little time out of your busy schedule. The hair is your own and, once restored, will continue to grow and look natural. Some of the hair restoration products out there are not designed for continuous use, and many can even be dangerous for other health reasons. Knowledge is power. Professional clinics, such as Micron Labs (check them out at have been providing these procedures for a long time. Let them help you regain your confidence with a head full of hair.

Give yourself a gift by seeking out a hair restoration program that will change your life. Hats and hair pieces that are used to hide bald and thinning hair will be discarded for good. Ride with the wind in your hair and know it is all yours. When you feel your confidence growing with your new hair, life will be a brighter and more exciting place. Friends will want to know what’s going on, and what your secret is to looking younger and more carefree. You can keep it to yourself and beam knowing that your hair is no longer an issue for you anymore. 




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  1. Sandra VanHoey
    April 29, 2014 / 1:44 pm

    My nephew has the balding happening at the crown of his head and he just turned 40. I need to share this article with him. Thanks!

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