BatteryPOP: Safe Video Network for Kids by Kids

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When it comes to screen time, I want to know that when my kids are on the internet and surfing the different sites, that the sites they visit a are safe for them to view. My two older kids, earn their screen time each week, and with them both having their own tablets and other devices that can access the internet, I monitor and add blocks on their devices to ensure that what they view is safe for them to view.

I know that one thing my kids enjoy doing is watching those online videos. They look for the ones that are funny and watch them together, but for me, I have to approve each and every video they view. Well to help ease my mind and also allow my kids a little more freedom when it comes to watching online videos, we were introduced to a site called BatteryPOP.

BatteryPOP is a safe video network that is for kids and that is by kids! I like knowing that not only is BatteryPOP a free site for the kids, but I like that everything that is added to the site is pre-screened to be kid safe! The kids can also stream the site from our computers, tablets, and smartphones. The content is something that can keep the kids entertained with unique content that ranges from cartoons and live action shows to interviews and events that cover the hottest topics for kids that are trending with their favorite celebrities!

My kids can appreciate that the content they view is something they can have a say in, by voting for their favorites, and giving the show creators direct feedback on what they like and do not like. Another cool feature about BatteryPOP is that the site is founded by two veterans of the kids network, Nickelodeon, which is a network I grew up loving when I was a kid back in the 90’s, and a network that my own kids enjoy tuning into!

When my kids stream BatteryPOP, they can watch shows like, “Totally Random”, which is one of many, and also watch content which features exclusive video premieres by the X’Factor’s Al Calderon! Other series from the site include shows like, “Cody the Dinosaur”, “Recess Stories”, and more! Along with this programming, the kids can also enjoy the original programming as well, like, “Chew on That”, making BatteryPOP not only a new site that I like and can appreciate, but a site that I can feel safe about allowing my kids to access and interact with! So if you have kids age 6-11, and you want to find a family friendly, safe, video viewing network, then check out the free network, BatteryPOP today!

Also be sure to check out BatteryPOP on their different social networks:

Twitter: @batterypop

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Instagram: @batterypop

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  1. Sarah Hayes
    May 27, 2014 / 5:22 am

    this is great. so glad to see kid friendly options like this. Ill check it out for later down the road

  2. Mommy Katie
    June 8, 2014 / 7:35 pm

    it is great, my kids have been using it and like that they are free to surf the site and check out all of the videos!

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