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Making a decision to loose weight can be a big life changing decision. I know, because I have made the choice. I have found that there are many ways to start with loosing weight, and one that can really make a big difference is choosing to change your diet. Sure we can talk about changing eating habits, but that is a lot easier said than done. I mean, I have found that I can decide I will change up my eating habits and lower my caloric intake, but that seems to only last so long before I go back to those habits that got me in trouble in the first place.

One thing that I have found, that has been a proven way to help when wanting to diet is having premade meals on hand. I have looked at the different ones that can be found in the local grocer freezers, and they might sound great, but when it comes to things like the sodium levels, well, they turn out to not be as great as they seem. So finding a diet plan, that offers the premade options, that is also healthy, is something I have found to really help me and aid me in my weight loss journey.

Recently I was introduced to a company called Diet-To-Go, where I not only get meals delivered directly to my door each week, but the meals are prepacked, set up on a menu that I follow, and are unlike those boxed meals. I found the variety of foods, from the seafood options to the great salad and sandwich options to be a pleasant change from the boxed meals that are on the market. I also like that with the Diet-To-Go, I can pick out my meals each week, so that I can get meals that I will enjoy eating!

With Diet-To-Go, I like that not only are the meals made to meet my dieting needs, like the recommended daily calorie count, but I can get food that is both satisfying and filling, making dieting easy! So if you are looking to change up your eating habits and loose some weight, check out Diet-To-Go, which not only offers a great selection of meals to choose from each week, but also offers an affordable, tasty, and satisfying diet option! Also, right now, when you use the discount code: mommykatie25 you can take an extra 25% off your first week!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review. 
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  1. Sarah Hayes
    May 24, 2014 / 5:35 am

    premade and healthy is my kind of meal lol. I def need the work cut out for me when Im trying to follow a stricter diet and this looks like a nice option

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