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Having a baby can change everything, whether you are having your first child, or if you already have children and you are adding to your family. With each of my babies, I have taken in every bit of every moment I can possibly have. From those first coos and smiles, to when baby says “Mama” for the first time and so on. There is so much to cherish in such a small amount of time. One of the things I have cherished from the time my kids have been born until they get too big for it, is baby wearing. Being able to carry and take baby with me, with such closeness, is a feeling like no other. Being able to wear baby, not only allows mom and dad to have that closeness and bonding with baby, but it also has allowed me and my husband time to give the older kids attention all at the same time. One baby carrier that I have loved having and one that I recommend when others come to me about baby wearing is the Boba Baby Carrier.

I have found that having a Boba Carrier on hand from the time baby is born, on into the toddler stages allows not only for mom and baby to bond from closeness, but also gives mom that freedom to interact with others and walk around, like at the park or store, with baby secured closely to mom.

With the Boba Baby Carriers, I have found so much I can get out of them, from the variety in colors to choose from when I am shopping for a baby shower, to the hood I can put over babies head as we go for walks to keep the sun out of babies eyes. I also can really appreciate the adjustment straps, so even when mom is postpartum, and not sure of the size they will need, the Boba Carrier can be made to fit! When we are on the go with baby, whether we are at the park walking with the kids, or at the mall doing some shopping, baby can be kept close, and I can utilize the purse strap and pockets, to ensure I can walk and even shop at ease!

As baby grows, the Boba Carrier adjusts as well, to continue to provide that baby wearing comfort and experience to both baby and mom, from 7-45 pounds. I also like, that as baby grows, I can change the position I can wear baby in, from the front to the back, along with the foot straps for baby, all while keeping both comfort and closeness in the baby wearing experience. Aside from the Boba Carrier for baby that is on the top of my must haves for baby for both giving and receiving when preparing for baby, I also find that when you have older siblings, including them with activities with baby can make them feel just as special, and you can include the baby wearing experience with your older littles by getting them their own Boba Carrier for their dolls! The Boba Mini makes the perfect gift for getting the older siblings when baby arrives or at the baby shower, so they can feel big and be included when it comes to caring for baby!

So as you prepare for your own baby or for a baby shower, be sure to get the Boba Carrier, and if there are older siblings, get them the Boba Mini, which can be found to coordinate with the different prints available in the Boba Carrier! Well to help with all of the preparations that are involved when it comes to getting ready for a new baby, the wonderful people at Boba are hosting a contest which you can enter to win your own Boba Carrier!

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This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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