Keep them Happy and Healthy with PetArmor Plus IGR

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Just like our kids in our house, our pets are not only part of the family, but they are the fur babies in the house. When it comes to our babies, both the human kind and the four legged ones, we like to keep them both healthy and happy, and I have learned when it comes to our pets, that a healthy pet is a happy pet! With the summers we have here in Texas, they are not only hot, but there is also an abundance of bugs, and all kinds of bugs too.

Each year, after the winter has passed, we treat our yard, so we can help reduce the amount of pests that might come in. Aside from treating the yard, we also treat our pets with products like PetArmor, to keep them protected, every 30 days. I know that our yard might be protected, but we like to take our dogs out to play at the dog park with their friends, and I do not want my babies to come home with unwelcome hitchhikers.

To help with treating our dogs this year, we were sent some of the PetArmor Plus IGR for dogs to review. I like knowing that when my dogs use the PetArmor, it treats more than just those pesky fleas. In fact the PetArmor Plus IGR, treats the fleas, breaks the flea life cycle, as well as kills ticks and chewing lice for up to 30 days! I also like knowing that say, if they were to pick up unwanted hitchhikers after playing with their other furry friends, that when I treat them with the PetArmor Plus IGR for dogs, it is fast acting.

I can keep the bugs away year round, even during the cold months, by treating my dogs monthly with the PetArmor Plus IGR. With the PetArmor Plus, I like that there are formulas specific to the different sizes of dogs that are out there, so when a friend comes to me with a smaller dog, and wants to find a flea and tick treatment that works and that can also prevent re-infestation, I can refer them to the same formula I use!

As you can see in the picture above, of my Chloe girl, she is a very happy dog, and I like to keep her happy by keeping her healthy, which is why I keep her and our other fur babies treated year round! So if you are a parent to a four legged fur baby, be sure to keep them healthy and happy by treating them every 30 days with products from the PetArmor Plus IGR line, and keep those pesky bugs away!

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