Making the Transition from Baby Bed to Toddler Bed Easier with the Colgate Nuzzle Snuze

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When preparing for baby, as a parent we like to think that baby will stay small forever, but as a parent of 3, I have learned that not only is that not true, but little ones grow out of that baby stage faster than we would like. With each of my babies, I find that preparing for their arrival is crucial ahead of time. I like to have everything in place, and ready, so once baby is here, I can relax and focus on baby, take in every little moment, and not have to worry about all of the items I will be needing to make both me and baby comfortable.

Like I had said, that baby stage goes by very fast, and as a parent, I know that making baby comfortable is important, not only for babies sleep, but for parents sleep as well. As I prepared for Wyatt’s arrival, I found that making his bed both comfortable and safe was my goal, which I accomplished, but now, I am preparing not only for another family member to join us in the next few months, but also for a toddler. So finding sleeping solutions to help with transitioning to that toddler stage is something I have been aiming for.

Recently I was sent a new mattress, one that is not only perfect and ideal for using in a crib for a new baby, but has also made for the perfect and ideal mattress for a toddler bed. Wyatt has been one who has advanced a lot faster than my older two kids. He walked at 9 months, talking earlier than the older two, on the road to potty training at just 19 months, and transitioning from the crib to a toddler bed at 19 months. I personally was not ready for all of these things to happen so soon, but Wyatt is his own person, and has decided that when he is ready, well he is ready.

Wyatt started letting us know about the fact that he was ready for the big boy bed by refusing to stay in his crib, climbing in our bed or his older siblings beds at night, and showing interest in wanting to take his bedding and mattress out of his crib and putting it on the floor. So when I was sent the new Nuzzle Snuze from Colgate to review, I found that making this mattress part of the big boy toddler bed would make the whole transition to a new bed more fun.

Wyatt found that watching us take down the crib, and putting away his crib mattress in storage to use for the next baby was fun. Then when he watched as we got the big boy toddler bed, and added a brand new mattress to his bed, it made the experience one that was very exciting. Aside from the excitement, I found that the Nuzzle Snuze from Colgate to be a mattress in a category of its own, being a mattress that offers a AirWeave Technology, made of recyclable materials, which gives my Wyatt a perfect nights sleep!


• AirWeave material promotes airflow

• Eco-friendly

• Non-toxic and Hypoallergenic

• Greenguard Certified safe for no harmful chemicals

• Dust mite and contaminant free

• Exceeds all Federal flammability standards without using chemicals

 Manufactured in the USA

As a parent, we like to not only provide comfort to our babies, but also safe products, and with the Nuzzle Snuze, the materials are not only 100%  recyclable, but the materials are GreenGaurd Certified, featuring all natural fire retardants.

One thing that I noticed, when I had compared Wyatt’s mattress we were using in the crib, to his new Nuzzle Snuze, was that I did not feel springs when I pressed down on the mattress, where with the old mattress, I could clearly feel springs under my hand just by applying pressure. This fact alone is something that would bother me if I had to sleep on it, and now that Wyatt is bigger, I wonder if he could feel the springs as well. Even though we are already in the transition, I have wondered if the mattress we were using in the crib, had made nights uncomfortable for him, and if that is why he was getting up and moving to different beds. This aspect on the mattress is something that I could understand, and something that would make sense on his behavior when it came to bedtime. The fact that Wyatt transitioned so easily to the new bed, without waking in the middle of the night is something else I have taken into consideration when it comes to him being comfortable when sleeping.

Another fact that I found, especially looking at the comfort aspect is, I like that the Nuzzle Snuze mattress is 5 inches thick and that seeing what is inside, gives Wyatt a mattress that he can continue to use even as he gets bigger, and remain a comfortable mattress to use on his big boy toddler bed!

Aside from what is on the inside of the new Nuzzle Snuze, I really like the designs that are available, which in all, will make for the perfect gift to give any new or expecting parent, or even to get for the toddler in your life, who is ready for the transition! And as you prepare for baby, a baby shower, or even for that transition to a toddler bed, look at your options, take a look at the Nuzzle Snuze by Colgate today, look at the facts that you find and the features alone, and get baby a mattress that is not only safe, made from 100% chemical free, all natural recyclable materials, but one that is also comfortable!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review. 
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  1. Brittany Chelette
    May 20, 2014 / 2:34 pm

    We're currently looking to transition our 21 month old son out of his crib and have been looking at mattresses lately. He's currently on a NaturalMat crib mattress, but we want to get another one for either a toddler bed (so we can save the crib one for the next) or straight on to a twin or full size mattress. Eco-friendly and toxin-free are a MUST and its really hard to find. Thank you so much for introducing us to the Colgate mattress! I also absolutely love the birds on top 🙂

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