Preparing for Tornado Season with Boltwell

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Being a resident in the Texas Panhandle, also known as part of the infamous, Tornado Alley, I find that there can never be enough prep put into being prepared for when a disaster strikes. Well with the tornado season upon us, I find that it is vital for not only my families safety and well being, but for others as well, to find products that can help you prepare in case of an emergency. Recently I was sent a kit from a company called Boltwell, which is a kit packed with great items to help people in the case of a disaster.

I was sent the Grab and Go kit, and with this kit, you not only get those much needed first aid kit supplies, but you also get some other great items that are good to have on hand in the case of an emergency or natural disaster. The items include a small weather radio, a handcrank flashlight, a emergency Hydration Water Pouch with purified drinking water in it, and 2 protein shots with caffeine to help you stay alert in the case of a emergency. Which all come in a ready to grab, light weight knapsack, that can easily be thrown over the shoulder, or stored in a storm shelter.

We have found this kit, to be a great item to have in our storm shelter, on hand in the case of a tornado, and we have also found the other kits from Boltwell to be ideal to have, especially with the kits that have more items available in them for families, so that you can be sure to have enough supplies for everyone! So as you prepare for the coming tornado and hurricane seasons, be sure to get some emergency preparation kits for yourself and your family from Boltwell, and stay safe!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review. 
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