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In today’s world as a mother who is pregnant, there are a lot of things to be aware of to insure that the unborn child can arrive into the world safely and healthy. I personally thank science and technology for having the advancements in medicine, so that when a woman is pregnant they can diagnose and treat baby right away for a number of ailments. With our son Robert, when I was 15 weeks pregnant with him, the Dr had detected something wrong with his development, finding a cluster of cysts where his lungs should have been and his heart on the wrong side of his chest. This finding was something that was followed very carefully during his development while I was pregnant, and the technology that found these abnormalities, not only helped to educate myself my husband and the Dr’s, but also helped us prepare for him and his fragile condition. Throughout the years of advancement in medicine, Dr’s all over the world have been able to find conditions both in the unborn babies and in the pregnant mothers, that are both vital for quality of life, and life saving as well. One such advancement is realizing that mothers who are pregnant, who might have the HIV or AIDS virus in their blood, have a chance, that over the years has increased, of not passing the virus to their unborn babies. Knowing what Dr’s around the world know today about the virus, can help prevent the spread of the disease to babies in various stages of pregnancy and even in delivery. The thing is, not all women who have the virus have the access to the medicine, prenatal care, and delivery care that they need in order to protect their unborn babies from the virus. That is where the Noodle & Boo’s Circle of Love Campaign comes in.

The people from Noodle & Boo are passionate about both moms and babies and that passion has led to a campaign that is created from pure love and compassion for others. With this campaign, patrons everywhere can purchase the Believe Honey Bar and or the Our World Tee, where 100% of the money raised goes towards PMTCT (Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS) programs in Africa! The program goes to help insure that babies born to HIV/AIDS virus positive moms, are not born with the virus, because the moms will receive thnecessary antiretroviral immunizations and care! You can help by heading over to the Noodle & Boo Circle of Love campaign page and making a purchase that will go to help unborn babies get the care they need, as well as get more information on the program! 

I received product for this post. All opinions are my own. Please consult with your Dr or Physician before using any products for any kind of medical condition.
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