The Garden Your Kids Will Love (Guest Post)

Having kids and a garden is a match
made in heaven and you should make the most of it. There is paranoia
amongst parents that the latest generation of children are going to
grow up screen addicted and socially awkward and that the future of
the human race will struggle to move forward. This isn’t the case;
however it is important for children to detach themselves from the
iPod, iPads, Xboxs, and other assorted wackily named tech. A way you
can do this is to create a perfect play area in the garden. Encourage
your children to frolic in the summer sun.


Safety is always your top concern when
it comes to children, as you know. You job as a parent is to do as
much as you can to make sure you children grown up happy and safe and
that means you might have to make some adjustments to the garden.
Having a garden can be a blessing and so it is important that you
kids make the most of it. A garden can be dangerous and so make sure
your garden isn’t. No pointy wooden structures, no thorns, no
poisonous plants, etc, you get the gist…

Garden Studio

I didn’t even know these existed a
few weeks ago, but they seem like a good idea, plus they rarely need
planning permission. Visit for more
on them. They come
in a variety of different styles and can be used for many different
things. One of the popular choices for them is to turn them into a
play room for your kids. As one wall usually is heavily constructed
from glass, it means you can keep an eye on the kids from the house
or garden, which is obviously beneficial to ensure they don’t get
up to any mischief. There are different types of garden studios, all
with varying costs, so have a look and see which ones are in your
price range and which ones would best suit your needs and garden.

Cool Stuff

My next suggestion for creating a
garden that your children will love is twofold; I have a budget
version as well. First though, the costly one. If you have the funds
and the space, why not get a pool. Kids love pools, plus they’re
great for you as well. There’s nothing better than spending a hot
summer’s day by the pool. There are safety concerns, however. I
would only suggest getting a pool once your children are of the age
that they can swim – that way you have peace of mind that if they
ever fall in, nothing bad can happen.

The budget option: get a paddling
. I know what you’re thinking: that hardly lives up to a
pool, but I had one when I was a child and I can promise you with a
bit of imagination, a paddling pool can waste away the hours. My
brother and I would play for hours and hours in the paddling pool.
When I think back on my childhood, the paddling pool is what I
remember most fondly, so don’t worry if you haven’t got the money
for a pool, (who has?) just pop over to a shop and pick up a paddling
pool. Some of them are quite a good size now a days anyway.


Kids have a great
pool of imagination which they use to entertain themselves for hours.
When we become adults, the real world can sometimes drain our
imagination pools, but I entreat you, mine the recesses of your mind
for a bit of imagination; you’ll need it when creating the perfect
garden for your kids to spend the days in utopian bliss.

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