“The Sun’s Out, Jump in the Car” — Planning a Last Minute Day Trip

Many of us tend to expect the worst in life, especially when it comes to the weather. We may be afraid to make plans in advance, fearing that the rain will arrive and spoil the day (let’s face it, there’s always that threat!). As a result, it’s often difficult to commit to spending money on activities that may end up being cancelled.

This natural pessimism may, however, come back to haunt us. What happens when the sun comes out to play and we’re left without any means of heading somewhere interesting? Relying on public transport is often a high-risk strategy, not to mention a fantastic way to spend rather a lot of money (or waste it, depending on how you look at it!)!

It’s in exactly these unforeseen circumstances that last minute car rental deals often come to the fore. Whether you’re thinking of a last minute trip to visit friends, or maybe heading to the coast for the day, having access to suitable transport will be important. When looking to travel anywhere with children, of course, the entire situation becomes that bit more complicated.

Over the years, many parents have attempted to travel light, only to find that it’s almost impossible to achieve. Sometimes it’s better to accept that you’ll just have to take a load of accessories and forms of entertainment. With a large enough car available to you, that really shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.

But how can you go about ensuring that your kids have the motivation to help you with the packing? If they’re dragging their heels, remind them that you’re hoping to make sure that everyone has a lot of fun. By making them see that their efforts to help could actually extend the day, giving you all more time to enjoy each other’s company, you can persuade them to make the process that bit easier.

Note that organization plays an important role. When renting a car, you may wish to plan to collect together your belongings the night before. That way, you’ll have everything ready for when you come to collect the car. Last minute plans can be tremendous fun, but it’s critical to take an organized approach. Then you can really make the most of the day.

Your options will also depend on your thoughts on where to go and what to do. Making use of your own vehicle may have particular limitations, especially if you are looking to travel as an extended group. It makes far more sense to hire a car that is suited to your specific needs.

You might think that hiring out a car at short notice is expensive, but this needn’t be the case. You just have to find the right deal for you. Then you can enjoy your day, and also your money of course! Last one in the car’s a rotten egg!

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  1. Sarah Hayes
    May 22, 2014 / 4:22 am

    i agree that organization is the key. thats def something I need to get better at. it keeps me from taking those last minute trips that may pop up.

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