Behind the Scenes and a Interview with Todd Newton: Host of Hub Network's Family Game Night

This post is sponsored by Hub Network. Travel and expenses were provided for myself and my family to attend a live taping of Family Game Night in exchange for my reviews on the experience, all opinions are my own.

As a fan of any show, especially ones like game shows, where they are not scripted and really anything can take place, getting to go behind the scenes, or even sit in the audience to see it all take place live, is an experience all in its own.

Well last week, I posted about how my family and I were invited to attend a live taping event of one of our favorite shows, Family Game Night, by the Hub Network. To try and put the experience into words is hard, because honestly, the experience is one that is unlike any other we have had. Estrella, is the #1 fan of the show, Family Game Night, in our house. I mean, we all enjoy watching the show, but Estrella has always wanted to be a part of the show. So when we told her that she would get to attend a taping, be a part of the audience, then go behind the scenes and interview Todd Newton, she was beyond excited.

I found the experience to be a very fitting one, since as a family we make memories that last, and the memories that she has taken from the experience are ones that will continue to be brought up, and are ones that will last! I liked how the people from the Hub Network are not only family oriented from the inside out, but they also want to be a part of those memories, and they have definitely succeeded in that aspect!

To start, the day of the taping, well we were up bright and early, even though we were not to leave until 11 am. The day was unlike any ordinary day, nope, it was a day for Estrella, one that was very suiting to her name, a day to let her shine like the “Star” she is! When 11 finally came, we found a very nice bus, waiting for the bloggers and kids to take to the studio. Due to the age, Robert and Wyatt were too young to attend, but we kept that from being a issue, and let this be Estrella’s special day! So my husband and Estrella, went together, making it a great Fathers Day event for daddy and daughter to attend and experience together!!

The two were star struck, from the time they got the VIP treatment on the nice bus they rode to the studio on, and the moment they got their Red shirts, which is what would make them a family team in the studio audience, to sitting in the studio and seeing that stage, that famous stage, that we see when we tune into Family Game Night!!

They got to watch their favorite games that we see when we watch from home, played live, right in front of their very eyes, and cheer on the players, as we all do from our living room! Then after the taping was completed, the kids were able to rush the stage, and gather that infamous Monopoly money to take home as a souvenir of the experience. Once the stage was cleared, the group, which included some other great bloggers and their families, were taken on a tour to see the games, check them out first hand, and even see the behind the scenes, the guts of the show, where an amazing group of people work and watch as the taping takes place, and put the show together for when it will air!

Then, if that was not enough for making those memories, the tour continued, where the bloggers and their families were given a chance to interview the host of the show, Todd Newton! You can watch that interview below, and also stay tuned for more on this amazing experience, that is one my kids can not stop talking about! Also be sure to watch Family Game Night, and when we get the date of when the show will air, where you can see some of your favorite bloggers and blogger kids in the audience, I will be sure to let you know!

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