Celebrate Your Little One's "Smilestones" with Orajel Kids

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids.

There are so many milestones our kids reach from the time they are born on up. As a parent, I cherish and celebrate each of my babies milestones, from that first smile, even if it was just gas, to those first steps and every thing in between as well as every milestone after. Aside from those milestones, we also have “Smilestones”, that I celebrate!

Smilestones, are milestones that little ones reach, like those adorable gummy smiles and those first teeth, to the older kids, when they loose that first tooth. With me, I know that with those adorable gummy smiles that we get from baby, before those teeth make their appearance, I need to protect those smiles, by washing those cute little gums. Then as those first teeth begin to pop through, I not only want to ensure that the teething process is as painless as possible for baby, but I also want to ensure that those teeth are healthy, by brushing them.

With my kids, I have recorded those smilestones, by taking and sharing pictures, and even though I have 3 kids, I find each to be unique and a reason to celebrate! With Wyatt, I took lots of pictures of those first smiles. I cherish those goofy, gummy smiles, as do other parents, and looking back on them, melts my heart!

Then as they get older, after those first little teeth have come, saving those baby teeth as they come out is important to me as well. Marking that moment, when that first tooth comes, and when the first falls out, are all Smilestones I cherish!

To help when it comes to the cleaning of the teeth and gums on those little smiles, I like that I can use products from Orajel Kids, like the Baby Orajel Tooth and Gum Cleanser! With the soft bristled brush or finger brush and gentle formula that is in the cleanser gel, I can safely wash little teeth and gums without any foaming toothpaste and without any fluoride.

Then as those little teeth come through, I like that I can use the teething products like the New Baby Orajel Naturals Nighttime Teething Gel, which helps to relieve pain and the restlessness that comes with a teething baby. Another great product that I can use to help ease that fussiness and pain when baby is teething, that is also a natural and organic product from the Baby Orajel line of products are the Baby Orajel Naturals Tablets! With both of these new products from Baby Orajel line, I like knowing that they not only offer pain relief, but that they are safe to use and that they use chamomilla to help with teething!

Then as baby gets older, I like knowing that I can turn to other great products from the Orajel line of kids products, to keep those smiles happy, and to help us reach those “Smilestones” together!

Well right now, the people from Orajel are hosting a great contest for parents on Facebook, where parents can share those “Smilestones” for a chance at winning a family of four trip to Beaches Resorts! When it comes to sharing those smilestones, there are many routes you can take, from those first gummy smiles and first teeth, to the first day of school and loosing that first tooth, so share your “Smilestones” for your chance at winning! And be sure to help those little smiles reach those “Smilestones” and stay happy with the products from Orajel Kids!

Enter your “Smilestones” to win by going here!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids.
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