Cutting Boards from Surpahs that Hold up in the Kitchen

Product Received 

Cooking is something we do almost daily in my house, and when we are cooking, we tend to have a lot of prep work. In our home, we enjoy finding fresh ingredients, and cooking from scratch, so having the proper items in our kitchen to help us when we are chopping and cutting up ingredients is ideal. Recently I was sent a great selection of cutting boards from Surpahs to try out and review!

I think one of the biggest issues we have had to deal with over the years when it comes to cutting boards is the cracking and warping of the boards, so when we received the Surpass Arc Juice Groove 3 Layer Overlapping Joins Bamboo Cutting Board, I was curious to see how durable this cutting board was.

One thing I really like, that even after several uses, using both produce, meats, and washing in between each use, seeing that there are no cracks, or warping of the board. I really like how thick it is, and even when we are chopping up produce, it stays together, unlike other boards we have used in the past. I like that it is also made to resist odors and bacteria, making this cutting board a great one to have in any kitchen!

Then with the Surpahs 3-Layer Overlapping Joins Bamboo Cutting Board 3 Piece Set, I can have a great set of cutting boards that are not only durable, but also help to keep the blades of my knives from getting too dull. I also like how solid the boards are, and are made from eco-friendly bamboo, which is solid and keeps the boards from warping, cracking, or splitting! Making the bamboo cutting boards from Surpahs a great selection of products to have in your kitchen!

This was not a paid post and honest/original opinions were used and they are my own. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.
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