Duracell Sharing the Importance of Lithium Coin Battery Safety in the Home

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Being a parent, I know that in the home, there are many items that can be dangerous for children. From the outlets on the walls, to the cleaning supplies under the sink. With having the responsibility of taking care of my children, and ensuring their safety, it is up to me to make sure that I keep them from being hurt by potentially dangerous household hazards. From the time I had my first child, I knew that covering the outlets throughout the home was one way that I could keep my baby safe from being shocked. Then adding latches to the cabinets where I had the cleaning supplies also helped to insure that my kids do not ingest any harmful chemicals. But the lists of household hazards do not end there. In fact there are so many other things, like the insecticides that my husband stores in the garage that I have put up high, out of reach of any small hands, and even the batteries in the house, which are stored in a battery drawer that is locked in our office.

When it comes to the batteries, it is hard to imagine that something so simple can be so dangerous, but after working in the medical field for many years, I saw and learned the dangers of what can happen if something as simple as a battery is ingested. There are many types and shapes of batteries out there, but the ones that I see as the most dangerous, and the ones that are found in many homes, are those small Lithium Coin Batteries. They might be small, but they are also something that a toddler, like my Wyatt, might find to be enticing, which can lead to the accidental ingestion of a battery. So to help with keeping kids safe when it comes to the Lithium Coin Batteries, the wonderful people from Duracell have shared some great tips in the below infographic!

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